Leisure Days RV Resort Donate Prom Clothing to Homeless Zephyrhills High School Students

Leisure Days RV Resort in Zephyrhills

In February, Leisure Days RV Resort in Zephyrhills had a visit from a representative of Zephyrhills High School. Her visit started a movement at the resort that will change lives.

Anne Astles, a seasonal resident of the  resort, invited Diane McCabe to speak at a coffee morning meeting. McCabe thanked the park residents for their generosity, especially the Busy Hands Knitters, for their wonderful donations of various knitted items presented to the local high school.

She spoke of how the items were distributed to students, and how the kids appreciated these much-needed items. Despite being homeless, the students still attend school, McCabe said. Despite their intense determination to continue school, the students were simply couldn’t afford special events like prom.

Knowing the giving spirits of Leisure Days residents, McCabe mentioned that if anyone had items such as dresses, skirts, ties, etc. they could be donated to the needy students. A couple residents, Laurelynn Deans and Anne Hubbert took on the challenge.

The two visited local stores to purchase several dresses, ties, men’s shirts, shoes and small items of jewelry. The pair has made several trips to the school to deliver the donated items. As a result of these efforts, other park residents have joined in through donation of funds and clothing.

Throughout the year, the residents of Leisure Days are continuously giving back to the local community. The practice will hopefully continue for years to come. When a challenge or need arises, the residents are there to take it up. Talk about an amazing Florida RV community.