5 Things You Didn’t Know About RV Camping at Sandhill Shores

 If you haven’t been to Florida’s Treasure Coast, then you’re missing out on one of the state’s hidden gems. Before you start planning your summer RV camping trip, let us give you the inside scoop on Sandhill Shores. Tucked away in Fort Pierce, this RV resort is brimming with character and charm, not to mention a great location.

1. Big Rigs, Big Fun

At Sandhill Shores, we know you want to be comfortable at your RV resort. That’s why we have some of the largest RV sites in the industry, with most sites coming in at 40×60 (many RV resorts average around 20 x 40). Some of our sites offer a concrete parking pad, but every one of them offers full hook-ups and 30/50 AMP service. Now that’s what we call camping!
2. Just Beachy
Love the beach? Well then you’ll love staying at Sandhill Shores. We are located just minutes away from miles of free, top-rated public beaches. What could be better than sandy shores and crashing waves all just a bike ride away! You can launch a kayak or canoe from nearby beaches, by a round of volleyball or just hangout on a towel and catch some rays. Whatever you decide to do, there’s something for everyone. 

3. Amenity Serenity 

At Sandhill Shores, we’re on island time. Stay at ‘home’ and relax for the day poolside. Or checkout our community center, a hub of activity that includes a full kitchen, stage and dance floor. Stop by our game room to play billiards, ping pong or grab a book from the library. Plus you can workout in our newly renovated fitness center. Get outside in the Florida sun with shuffleboard or horseshoes. Don’t miss our weekly events or, from potlucks and dances, to campfires and BBQs you’ll never be bored at Sandhill Shores! Our residents are friendly and always welcoming. In fact, they love having our RV visitors stop by! We welcome you like family. 
4. Fort Pierce Fun 
Fort pierce, often called the Sunrise City, is a great place to explore in Florida. Fort Pierce offers contemporary shopping, dining, great fishing and a range of entertainment and activities such as the Farmers’ Market, Bike Night, Friday Fest, Jazz Market and the Fort Pierce city-owned and -operated 1,200-seat Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts. You’ll love the wide array of restaurants, shopping and events available to you on one of Florida’s most beautiful coasts. 

5. WiFi & Weather

Okay guys, we only have one more reason left but it’s a combo package! The average temperature in Fort Pierce is 72 degrees in the winter, but most of the year we’re in the high 80’s with a sea breeze. So basically, you should never spend a day shoveling snow, just come here instead! Now onto our last point. We offer free WiFi, you, you read that right, FREE WIFI! There’s no catch, you just have to be a guest here at Sandhill Shores and poof, your internet surfing powers and endless. So come on by and surf the web, surf the sea, whatever you choose to do, e hope to see you soon! 

What You Didn’t Know About Booking an Extended RV Stay

Whether you’re on a great adventure, headed south for the winter or aren’t really sure what you’re doing, booking an extended RV stay can be tricky. We’re going to help you have the best extended stay possible with some tips and tricks you might not know. 

Okay, maybe you knew this one, but it’s really important. You should book your extended RV stay at least 6 months in advance to ensure you get the spot you’d like. This is especially true when booking extended stays. In fact, if you’re headed to Florida for the winter, you really want to be on your A game. This is because many other winter guests are looking at the same prime RV resorts you are and they are booking early!


For most Florida RV resorts there are summer rates and winter rates, these usually run from November to April for the winter rates and May to October for the summer rates. Because of the large increase in guests during the winter, these rates are usually higher, although there is often a discount for extended stays. Either way, make sure you know which fee you’ll be responsible for. Also, check out other fees like dump fees, cancellation fees, extra person, extra large vehicle, storage and late fees. You don’t want to be surprised later with costs and fees.

Most RV resorts are included in membership clubs that offer you savings on your RV stays. If you’re a member of camping clubs, see if they are affiliated and offer a discount. Also check to see if they have other discounts for military, teachers or extended stays. Some discount programs include Good Sams, Passport America, Go Camping America, Florida Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Florida ARVC, AAA and FLORC. 

So you’ve found the perfect RV resort and you’re ready to book? Make sure to learn the rules first. You don’t want to find out after you’ve booked your stay that you can only have 1 pet when you have 2. You might also have to observe quiet hours and various other community rules that could affect your stay. Even though you don’t need to memorize them, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them to be sure you’ll be able to comply or feel comfortable with them so you’ll have the best stay possible.

When you book an extended stay at an RV resort, join the community! In our Newby Fun Resorts winter guests are part of our family. We anticipate them coming back and we look forward to their arrival. They have good relationships with the people who live in our communities full-time and they join the events and community when they come. It makes your extended stay so much better when you know you’re coming home! 

RV Camping in Florida Winters

This time of year, we see lots of posts about how to survive the winters in your RV. Camping in the cold can be a great time for campfires and s’mores, but it can be hard to stay warm. Plus, you’ll often meet extra challenges in your RV as it braves the cold. As we talk about winter, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks to survive RV camping during Florida winters. 

Look, we see you. Wrapped in several layers, putting on gloves, hats, scarves, long socks, boots and the works. The wind is blowing, your feet are still freezing. You’re sloshing through the ice and snow. Just come to Florida. We’ll tell you what you need to bring: Shorts, T-Shirts, One Long-Sleeved Shirt, Pants, A Jacket, Flip Flops, Tennis Shoes. If you’re really afraid of the cold you can bring a scarf, but you probably won’t need it. Ahh, the freedom of flip flops. 

2. Stay Warm
You turn up the furnace, grab your rapidly cooling cup of coffee and run to the nearest blanket. This is your morning routine and you’re still cold. How do we stay warm in Florida? Good old fashioned sunshine. Even on our cooler winter days the sun is usually shining in a bright blue sky. Most days are in the mid-upper 70’s and sunny. That’s the best way to stay warm. 
3. Check Your Supplies
During bad snow storms, you can sometimes get stuck in your RV site for a long time. The power could go out or the water pipes could be frozen. You’d definitely want to have some extra food, flash lights, a generator and plenty of blankets just in case. We thought of some supplies you’d need for Florida: a hat, a big beach towel, sunscreen and snacks for the beach. Ready to visit yet?
4. Have the Right Food

When you’re RV camping in the winter, you want to have the right food. You’ll want good, hearty meals that will help keep you full, like chili, meat and potatoes. Since you’ll be inside a lot, crock pot meals might be a good idea. Here in Florida, we’re still grilling out, enjoying campfire foods and loving the great outdoors. In fact, winter might be one of the best times to enjoy outdoor meals in Florida. Isn’t the sunshine state a beautiful thing? 
5. Prepare Your RV for the Weather

Winterizing your RV can be a costly and long process. You want to make sure everything is in place to save you the most money, keep you warm and protect your RV from the winter cold. We have one tip to prepare your RV for a Florida winter: Drive it here! There’s a reason everyone comes down to Florida in the winter. The weather is perfect.