5 Reasons You Need to be a Florida Snowbird

Are you heading to Florida from your Northern home? We can’t wait to have you! But before you come, here are some things you’ll need to have this winter in Florida. 
1. Stay Warm
In Florida, the winter temperatures are usually in the 70’s, and sometimes 80’s. This means it’s always a beach day here. That means you can’t forget your flip flops and beach gear. After all, this is the Sunshine State!
2. Bye, Snow!
Here’s how your northern friend’s day will go: Wake up, walk on cold floor, get ready, scrape snow off car, wait for car to heat up, be cold, stay cold, go to sleep. Here’s how your day will go: Wake up, enjoy coffee on your porch, watch your friend’s post about snow from Facebook, go to the pool, hang out with friends, sit on the porch some more, go to sleep. 
3. Fast Friends
In Florida, we’re a melting pot of different cultures and people from different states. If you’re not “from Florida” you’ll fit right in! You’ll love getting to your home or community and hanging out with friends old and new. Once you’ve been coming here for a few years, each winter season will feel like a homecoming. 
4. Thriving Community
So we talked about the great friends and the great weather, but what about the great communities? In Florida, we have some of the nations best 55+ communities! Not only will you love the friends you’ll meet, but you’ll love the resort-style amenities at some Florida 55+ communities. In some of our Newby Management communities this includes resort-style swimming pools and newly completed community centers! It’s not your grandma’s retirement community. These are built with active adults like you in mind! 
5. Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze

No matter where you are in the north, there are no beaches like Florida beaches. Plus, even on our warm days, there’s still a beautiful ocean breeze. The salt water, sunshine and warm weather can make you happy on your saddest days. Plus, the Sunshine State has a laid back and fun culture that will make you want to call it home year-round! Be sure to check out a Florida sunset or sunrise on the beach. We hear there’s nothing else like them.

5 Tips for Winter RV Campers in Florida

It’s a little known fact, but we really do have winter in Florida. We wanted to make sure you have the scoop on surviving it, so here’s our 5 quick and dirty tips for winter RV campers in Florida.

1. Build a Sandman 

On those days where it’s 75 and sunny with a breeze, you might be wondering what to do with yourself. We suggest bundling up in shorts and a t-shirt, maybe a light jacket, and heading down to any of our beautiful award-winning beaches. You can build a sandman, soak up the rays and remember how you hate the snow. It will be a lovely day indeed.

2. Bring Back-up Shoes 

In Florida, the designated footwear is flip flops. We have beach flip flops, casual flip flops, wedding flip flops. Listen, we wear them to everything. One day a year something crazy happens. It gets too cold for flip flops. There are some die hard Floridians who will try to ride it out, but don’t be that person. Go ahead and bring along a pair of close-toed shoes. Everyone will know you’re not from around here, but at least your feet will be warm.

3. Take Lots of Pictures

Some people choose to stay in the cold and snow. Those people should definitely see pictures of how lovely Florida is this time of the year. The weather is perfect, the beaches are beautiful and the people are friendly. It’s basically paradise. It’s the perfect time to fill your Facebook up with pictures that will make your friends hop on a plane and head straight to the Sunshine State.

4. Swim With the Manatees

These amazing creatures are called gentle giants, and guess what? They love warm water. Where there are manatees, there is warm water! If you’re looking to get in a swim on a rather cold day, do it with the manatees. True to Florida, they aren’t fans of the cold, so they definitely try to avoid it. Plus, swimming with them makes for great memories.

5. Stay Inside

You’re an RV camper, so guess what? Your inside MOVES! Use that to your advantage and go on the best Florida road trip ever. Stay inside when it’s cold and when the sun comes out go exploring. It’s the best of both worlds!