If This Doesn’t Make You Want to Camp Nothing Will

You don’t need 18 reasons to go RV Camping, but we have them. If you aren’t packed and in your RV after this list, you’re nuts!

1. To Have an Adventure

2. To Meet New PeopleĀ 

3. To See New Places

4. To Join a Culture of RV Campers

5. To Feel Free

6. To Go Back to an RV Resort You Love

7. To Have a Campfire

8. To Find a Quiet Place to Relax

9. To Open the Windows and Enjoy the Weather

10. To Reconnect With Loved Ones

11. To Go Off the Grid

12. To Get Sun kissed

13. To Wake Up Without an AlarmĀ 

14. To Find Out That You Can Live With Less

15. To Become a Pro at Driving Your Big Rig

16. To See How Far You Can Drive on E

17. To Challenge Yourself to Do Something New

18. To Do Something That Makes You Happy

Wanderlust is a Symptom of RV Travelers

You want to see everything. Places on a map aren’t geographical locations, but adventures waiting to happen. You want to fall asleep in one city, and wake up in another. You have wanderlust: a very strong impulse or desire to travel the world.

When your home is on wheels, this dream becomes a reality. Soon you’re making plans and drawing maps, or just starting the engine and driving until you’re “home”. One of the greatest benefits of an RV is submersion in local culture.

Staying in a hotel may offer modern comforts and amenities, but it doesn’t offer community. RV resorts offer many of the same amenities, and a community that is willing and excited to share their town and culture with you. RV resorts have a laid back atmosphere that fosters friendship, excitement and passion for the local area.

While you’ll be handed a brochure on the community at a hotel, you’ll meet a local at an RV resort who’ll share good deals and local hot spots with you. There are some RV communities that also have full-time residents, so they are often proud of their town and excited to welcome visitors.

Besides planned monthly activities, many RV resorts have a schedule of events that happen weekly, so you can join right in on the fun. Whether you stay for a few days or a few weeks, you can settle in a find your routine for a little while.

One day, when the open road starts calling again, you can take your new friends in your heart, and move on to your next home across the world. If you really love the place, you’ll find it again in your travels. Until then, enjoy your wanderlust, and may your next destination be home.