Three RV Secrets You Never Knew

Thinking of joining the ranks of RV campers?  Let us tell you 3 secrets you aren’t going to hear from anyone else! 
1. You Don’t Have to Buy a New RV
We all love new things. Maybe it’s that “new thing” smell or how shiny and untouched they look. Whatever it is, new doesn’t always mean better. When you are preparing to join the ranks of RV campers, consider buying a used RV. You’ll definitely want to do some research, but you can find the perfect home for you at a much lower cost. Plus, don’t forget about doing DIY projects in your used  RV camper to make it all your own.  Thinking of buying a used RV? Here are some questions to ask before you buy a used RV.
2. The People Make the RV Park Great
We love amenities! Who doesn’t love swimming pools, shuffleboard courts and other fun activities?  But even the most expensive RV park with the best amenities can’t compare to a place you consider home. It can’t compare to the place where you have family. It can’t compare to the place where you’ve loved and laughed for years. We believe that the best RV parks are the ones where people love to stay there and have a blast when they do! But shhh that’s a secret! 
3. You Can Save Money on Reservations

Look into programs like AAA, Good Sam’s, Passport America and some of the others. You can get up to 20% off a daily reservation rate. Also don’t forget to ask the park about military discounts, senior discounts and others! You might be surprised to find out that you could save quite a bit of money. 
What RV camping secrets do you have? We’ll add more as they come in!

They Were About to Buy a Used RV and Then They Saw This List

Questions to Ask Before Buying an RV

Looking to buy a used RV? Congratulations! You’re taking the first step toward many years of excitement, travel and fun.  But before you hand over that cash, make sure you ask some questions.

Here are the BIG 20 QUESTIONS you should ask before buying a used RV. 

1. Are you the registered owner of this RV? If not, who is? 

2.  Is the RV’s title free of any notations such as a rebuild of salvage? If yes, stop right here! You don’t want an RV without a clean history. 

3. Are there any leans or outstanding debts on the RV? Make sure to check with the Department of Transportation to be sure. 

4. How long have you owned it?

5. Why are you selling it? 

6. Check the odometer to see how many miles it has. 

7. Check the owners manual to ask how many miles per gallon the RV gets. Ask the owner, too. Sometimes they know better. 

8. When is the last time you used it?

9. What is the longest trip on which you’ve taken the RV? During what month? To what city?

10. Do you drive the RV in between vacations?

11. Do you have maintenance records for the RV?
12. Are there any mechanical problems about which I should know?

13. Ask the owner to prepare the RV prior to your showing so you can ensure the water, battery operated items, propane and fridge are all working properly. 

14. If any body work has been done, ask for paperwork, photos and more information on the damage. 

15. How old are the tires?

16. How old is the battery?

17. Have there been any gas or water leaks?

18. Ask the owner to let you take a test drive. 

19. Ask the seller for a 30 day warranty on the RV.

20. What kind of weather has the RV endured?

You may need to ask other questions depending on your circumstances, the seller and your inspection of the RV. Make sure to use common sense and don’t make a purchase too quickly.

Once you’ve found the perfect RV camper, enjoy the road and start living your wildest Wanderlust dreams!

What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

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Are finally ready to take the plunge? Buying an RV that is! Before you buy that motorhome from Craigslist,  make sure you check out these tips.

  • Can it hold water?
    • Whether you’re buying a new or used RV, your home should be waterproof. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your potential home for leaks and water damage.
      • Check the ceiling for any water stains.
      • Look for any bubbling or spongy interior sections. 
      • See if the lamination is coming off the windows.
      • Check for blisters or bubbling on the exterior. 
      • Inspect below the sinks and in the bathrooms, as well. 
  • Too much of a good thing. 
    • RV’s were made for the outdoors, but too much sun could damage both the interior and the exterior.
      • Check the plastic fixtures inside the RV to make sure they aren’t brittle from too much sun. 
      • Peek at the plastics and coverings on the seats, the dashboard and the steering wheel. Sometimes they can be dry rotted and cracking, which could lead to costly refinishing later on. 
      • If the RV has a sunscreen pullout get it out for inspection. See if it’s ripped, dry rotted, or otherwise damaged. 
      • Look around the outside of the RV and see if anything looks faded or weak. Sometimes the color is just lighter from being older, other times the damage is structural and could need repairs. 
  • That’s how you roll.
    • Check those tires! If one blows out, it could happen instantaneously, causing serious damage to your RV, your loved ones and even people around you.
      • Even if the tire looks good, they shouldn’t be more than seven years old.
      • Look for the proper amount of tread. 
      • See if the tires have any cracks. 
  • Might be a bit rusty. 
    • Depending on where a motorhome is parked, there may be rust on many of the metal surfaces, but there are some key places to lookout for the rusty culprit. 
      • The undercarriage of the RV. 
      • The Brakes.
      • Metal Frames. 
      • Pipes and Plumbing. 
      • Any Other Metal Fixtures. 
  • What’s cooking?
    • Always check out the appliances. If the RV owner says something is broken, but it’s a simple fix, don’t take their word for it. Repairs can be very expensive, and sometimes it’s not the most budget-friendly. Check these items first:
      • The gas stove is one of the most expensive appliances in an RV. Check to see that it’s working properly.
      • See if the air conditioning unit is working. 
      • Is the fridge cool? Does the freezer work?
      • Does everything on the control panel function?
      • Do the electronics work correctly?
      • If anything is motorized, does the motor still work?
  • Pipe up!
    • RV’s need to be winterized in colder states, if they aren’t it could mean serious damage to the pipes. Look out for the following issues:
      • Split water lines. 
      • Damaged water pumps.
      • Leaking waste tanks. 
  • Will the warranty come with?
    • The RV seller may say they purchased an extended warranty, but many times, that warranty doesn’t extend to a second buyer. Make sure to verify with the provider that the warranty is transferable. Many times they’ll transfer the RV warranty for a fee. Never assume that your motorhome is under warranty just because it’s less than a year old. 
  • A match made in heaven. 
    • Before you start hooking up your new rig, make sure your vehicle is able to tow that size RV. On the flip side, if you’ll be towing your vehicle behind your RV, make sure the rig can handle the weight. 
This list can help you get an RV that you’ll come home for years to come. Use your instinct, double check everything, and have a great time camping across America. RV buyers, what did you look for when purchasing your used RV? 

2014 RV Supershow


Florida RV supershow

Start your engines, because the 29th annual 2014 Florida RV SuperShow is almost here. The show will roll in Wednesday January 15 through Sunday January 19. Get ready for some fun, excitement and plenty of recreational vehicles.

This year, the RV show’s theme is “It’s Your Turn.” Why? Because so many people put off buying their first RV or upgrading their old one. 2014 is the time to get what you deserve: a brand new RV and a new lease on life.

With hundreds of RV’s on displany and educational seminars, the SuperShow is the place to trade-in your old RV or to get great information on buying a new one. Plus, with plenty of Florida campgrounds and resorts at the Supershow, you’re sure to plan the perfect vacation.

With all the RV accessory booths as well, the SuperShow is offering a 2-day pass just so attendees can take it all in. Don’t forget about the free entertainment, either. Everything from clowns and unicycle riders to Barbershop Quartets and Bagpipe Bands, you’ll be sure to find entertainment all day long.

Don’t forget to stop by our Newby Fun Resorts booth to learn all about our 6 exciting RV resorts. We’ll be there with games, deals and prizes. So be sure to stop by and have some fun! Use the hashtag #2014RVSuperShow to connect with us, or like our resorts on Facebook.

Admission to the Supershow is only $10.00 for adults, and that includes a second day admission. Children under 16 are free. The SuperShow hours are Wednesday-Saturday 9 AM-6 PM and Sunday 9 AM-5 PM. Wednesday is Senior Citizens Day with seniors receiving $1.00 off the cost of admission (not valid with other discounts).

For more information on the 2014 Florida RV SuperShow, contact the Florida RV Trade Association at