They Were About to Buy a Used RV and Then They Saw This List

Questions to Ask Before Buying an RV

Looking to buy a used RV? Congratulations! You’re taking the first step toward many years of excitement, travel and fun.  But before you hand over that cash, make sure you ask some questions.

Here are the BIG 20 QUESTIONS you should ask before buying a used RV. 

1. Are you the registered owner of this RV? If not, who is? 

2.  Is the RV’s title free of any notations such as a rebuild of salvage? If yes, stop right here! You don’t want an RV without a clean history. 

3. Are there any leans or outstanding debts on the RV? Make sure to check with the Department of Transportation to be sure. 

4. How long have you owned it?

5. Why are you selling it? 

6. Check the odometer to see how many miles it has. 

7. Check the owners manual to ask how many miles per gallon the RV gets. Ask the owner, too. Sometimes they know better. 

8. When is the last time you used it?

9. What is the longest trip on which you’ve taken the RV? During what month? To what city?

10. Do you drive the RV in between vacations?

11. Do you have maintenance records for the RV?
12. Are there any mechanical problems about which I should know?

13. Ask the owner to prepare the RV prior to your showing so you can ensure the water, battery operated items, propane and fridge are all working properly. 

14. If any body work has been done, ask for paperwork, photos and more information on the damage. 

15. How old are the tires?

16. How old is the battery?

17. Have there been any gas or water leaks?

18. Ask the owner to let you take a test drive. 

19. Ask the seller for a 30 day warranty on the RV.

20. What kind of weather has the RV endured?

You may need to ask other questions depending on your circumstances, the seller and your inspection of the RV. Make sure to use common sense and don’t make a purchase too quickly.

Once you’ve found the perfect RV camper, enjoy the road and start living your wildest Wanderlust dreams!