Tips for Planning a Last Minute RV Trip

Tips for Planning a Last Minute RV Trip

Are you an RV owner?  If you are, you may enjoy the freedom of being able to come and go as you please. Since you, as an RV owner, do have the freedom to come and go as you please, you may be interested in taking a last minute RV trip.  If so, the following tips may be able to help you do so.
One of the most important things to do for an RV trip involves mapping out your route.  In all honesty, it doesn’t matter whether your trip is planned a few hours before you leave or a few weeks before, it is important to know where you will be going.  Of course, you can be spontaneous along the way, like by taking a side trip, but having an intended route planned out is ideal for safety, security, and comfort.  It can also help to prevent you from getting lost when you are unsure of your surroundings. 
Before heading out on a last minute RV trip, it is important to make all needed reservations.  This is particularly important during peak motor home travel times, such as spring and summer.  You will not want to assume that all RV parks and public campgrounds have available spots.  This is particularly the case with public campgrounds, as many are already limited on the number of spaces they have that can accommodate motor homes.  Once you have a destination in mind, you can quickly examine your options, in terms of RV parks or public campgrounds, online.  Contact them and make reservations or at least see if they are needed.
It is also important to let someone know that you are leaving.  Although last minute RV trips are typically planned one or two days in advance, you may have the urge to take a last minute trip and leave within a few hours.  When doing so, notifying friends or family members of your travels is probably the last thing on your mind, but it is still something that you should do.  Let those that you know, especially those who will notice if you are gone, when you will be leaving, where your intended destination is, as well as when you can expect to return.
It is also a wise idea to quickly create a checklist for yourself.  Even if you intend to leave in a few hours, a checklist is an important preparation step when traveling by RV.  A traveling by RV camping checklist does not have to take hours to make.  Simply write down the items that you need to bring, such as food, clothing, and toiletries.  Next, write down your wants, such as a Bluetooth speaker, a video game console, or movies.  Then, check off the items as you pack them in your bags or place them in your RV.
In keeping with making sure you have all needed supplies, do a quick run through of your RV at the last minute.  This will help you determine if you are missing anything of great importance.  For example, look at your sleeping areas.  Do you have enough sheets and blankets?  What about items to cook?  Do you have the needed food, pots and pans, and eating utensils?  Missing supplies are easier to notice when doing a quick walk through your RV.

The above mentioned tips are just a few of the many that can help you prepare for a last minute RV trip.  As nice as it is to be spontaneous and hop in your motor home and leave at the last minute, it is still important to be prepared.  Proper preparation, even for last minute trips, is not only important for your safety, but for overall enjoyment as well.

2019 RV SuperShow Recap!

2019 RV SuperShow Recap!

 2019 RV SuperShow Recap

Newby Fun Resorts Booth Picture
Newby Fun Resorts Booth in the Supplier Building

As January is drawing to a close the RV SuperShow in Tampa has as well! For those of you that visited us, thank you we are glad that we got to meet you. We had over 500 people enter our drawing to win a free week stay this year! If you were not able to make it please enjoy this quick recap of some of the different things that you missed.


Airstream display
Indoor Display of the many different Aistream models!

Airstream had many of their models on display at the show. There was a diverse showing from large luxury to smaller starter travel trailers. Take a look below for some of our favorite models!

Airstream Nest at RV SuperShow
Airstream Nest

Tommy Bahama Aistream RV Supershow
Airstream Tommy Bahama Relax Edition
Airstream Sport RV SuperShow
Airstream Sport

Take a look at Airstream’s website.

American Fastbacks

American Fastbacks also had a really unique product that is rugged and fun to look at. We would love to test drive one of these go anywhere campers!

American Fastback RV SuperShow
American Fastback

Take a look at American Fastback’s website. 

Toy Haulers
Toy Haulers were also a very popular feature at the RV SuperShow. Here is one of the more impressive displays that we saw. 

RV SuperShow Toy Hauler
Toy Hauler with a great side by side

Luxury Class A
As always there were some beautiful Class A Motorhomes there. Some featured stack washer/dryer combos as well as full showers and a double vanity! Take a look below.

Thank you for all who attended! We loved getting to meet all of you and we hope to see you at some of our Newby Fun Resorts this year. Happy RVing!

A Newbie’s Guide To Different Types Of Motor Homes

A Newbie’s Guide To Different Types Of Motor Homes

Have you and your family decided to get yourselves a motor home in order to improve your bonding time and travel with ease and comfort? Well, before finally deciding on the RV you would like to get, it is essential that you research the different types of motor homes first.

Each type is distinctive from the other in terms of capacity, build and purpose of use.

You might want to list down your requirements first before you browse into these different types of motor homes. This way, you will be able to identify which kind would suit your family best. Once you have identified the exact type you need, then the search is on for the perfectly priced RV to bring more joy, entertainment and excitement to your family travels.

Here are the different types to become familiar with:

Campervans or VW Campers – campervans are iconic to be Volkswagen models. They are still mass-produced and have a range of magazines and clubs for its hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts.

This type can easily accommodate three to four persons and it is small enough for drives in both cities and open roads. This type of RV is ideal for those who have intense enthusiasm to tour around Europe.

Campers have a range of nice and ideal features – windscreen sun visors, roof racks for surfboards, raising roofs, chrome fittings and trims, etc. These features may be a direct conversion of Volkswagen or from several noted campervan specialist converters.

Van Conversions – this type is often called the panel van conversion and can be available at medium to large sizes. Well-known commercial vehicles are the base units for building this motor home type. Almost every unit released has a sliding door feature.

They have excellent amount of space inside and most have spacious washrooms, well-equipped kitchens than the micro-sized or smaller van conversions.

Many models also feature double beds at their rear, which runs across the van’s width. If owners are taller, they may have difficulty in fitting inside. As such, it is also essential to check out the dimensions and layout of a motor home, first before purchase.

Conventional Coachbuilt Motor Homes – most common type of motor home that can be seen on the roads of Great Britain. They usually have large over-cab hump and can accommodate a fair-sized bed and still have a lot of spacious area for storage.

This type is a practical vehicle for families and couples who want to travel around UK and other countries of Europe. They have standard kitchen, washroom and can accommodate 2 – 6 people.

Low Profile Coachbuilt Motor Homes – this type has features and style that is similar to the conventional coachbuilt motor home. However, instead of the over-cab bed, it has a low profile design that features streamlined shape and lower roof for better clearance and handling.

Tag Axle or Twin Axle Motor Homes – this type is usually the manifestation of a very big coachbuilt motor home that already requires another set of wheels to amply support its length and weight, similar to the twin axle caravan. The third axle has become known as the tag axle. They are a lot more spacious though it could be tricky to drive because of the twin axle at its rear.

A-Class Motor Homes – this type are very big and recognizable because they do not have a detached cab area. Models of this type usually have big front windscreens, like those in buses.

Other types of motor homes include the American Recreational Vehicles or RVs, Home Built Motor Homes, and Micro Motor Homes.

Once you choose your RV make a reservation and come to visit one of our beautiful resorts!

Rent before you buy!

Rent before you buy!

Thinking about buying an RV?  There are great options available if you are not sure if the RV lifestyle is for you.  There are many companies that will rent you an RV for a set amount of time.  These companies connect owners with renters.  If you feel unsure about driving a rig, they will often offer to deliver and set it up for you at select campgrounds.   Using a service like these is a great way to learn more about RVing without committing to the expense.
There are companies that specialize in nostalgic recreational vehicles such as VW or Air Stream.  You can also try out pop-ups, tow behinds, tiny trailers all the way up to large, and luxury class rigs.   It might be wise to try out different kinds of RVs to see which matches up to your personal needs and best fits your budget.
If you do decide to try out a company that rents, be sure to read the fine print.  Sometimes the insurance is required as part of the rental term, if it is not, we do highly recommend purchasing the insurance.  It is common to have ala cart charges for things like cleaning and tank dumping.  Some owners will limit the distance you can travel or the number

of miles you can travel without incurring overage charges.

If you already own an RV or decide to invest in the RV lifestyle and purchase one, renting it out while you are not actively using it can become money in your pocket. Depending on your RV and schedule of availability many owners earn in the range of 5K-30K.  Some RV owners say that doing this has allowed them to live the life they have dreamed about.

Another part of the experience you will not want to miss, and possibly the best part of the experience will be the people you meet on your journey.  You will learn much whether it be from other newbies venturing out for the first time or the well-seasoned camping pros.  Open up to the adventure and you will not be disappointed in the journey.

5 Places You Need to Bring Your RV

Need an excuse to travel in your RV? Whether you own or rent, RV camping is a fun way to explore. It’s prefect for vacations, long distance trips or just visiting family and friends. We are going to share with you 5 perfect places to go RV camping.


RV campers love to catch races in the comfort of their motorhomes. NASCAR is different than other races, as ticket holders don’t just gain access to one day events. Many times, NASCAR attendees get tickets to practices sessions and qualifying races, all of which are held on different days. That’s why it can be helpful to stay in your own home near the tracks!


If you’ve never heard of the huge RV camp event that happens before the Florida Georgia game then you’re missing out! Football games, especially big ones, are the perfect place to bring your rig. You’ll be able to tailgate, have fun, catch the game and enjoy the company of friends, all with the comforts of home. This is the perfect time to travel in your RV!


Visiting family out of state can be a really fun time, but things can get a little crowded if everyone is staying at one person’s house. Drive there in your RV and park it nearby or park it on the driveway. Everyone will have a much better time with their own space, and you can still have lots of fun with family.



Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll know that antique shows can span many miles and go on for days and even weeks. If you want to be sure to sell your wares or you want to do a good scouting job, you might want to be there for several days. The same is true for all kinds of events, from fairs and festivals to amusement parks and good old camping.

What’s your favorite reason to go RV Camping?