5 Ways to Save on Gas When You’re RV Camping

Gas prices are one of those unifying topics. When it’s low, we all love to rejoice. When it’s high we all love to complain. Sometimes it feels like you can never tell how high gas prices will climb. One thing you can be sure of is they will never be as low as when you were little.

Gas for a big RV is a big expense. That’s why we’re giving you 5 tips to help save you money on gas. Read through and let us know how you save some green in your RV.

1. The Local Watering Hole

Use an app or a website like GasBuddy.com to help find the cheapest gas prices near your campsite. Try to fill up there on your way out or your way back to camp. This will prevent you from leaving camp and getting stuck paying higher prices somewhere else. Unless of course the lower prices are somewhere else, then you should head there if it makes more sense.

2. Pressure in Tires- Pressure Off Wallets 

Here’s the scoop. It takes more energy for under inflated tires to roll than it does for properly inflated tires. More energy means more gas and more wear on your RV. Keep some quarters handy so you can fill up quickly at gas stations. It only takes a few seconds, but it will help preserve your tires and save you some money on gas.

3.  Think of the Journey 

Try to think of your trip in terms of the journey, not the destination. It can be tempting to skip into the left lane and speed through traffic, but try to go a reasonable speed. The less pedal you put to the medal, the less green you’ll kiss goodbye.

4. Plan the Journey 

Have you ever been lost? It’s annoying and difficult. Even with the modern invention of GPS, you might get stuck inside a gas station asking Bob for directions. This could include any number of confusing anecdotes and dizzying turns. All the while your gas is slipping away. Plan your route, check traffic patterns, make sure the roads aren’t close and have happier travels. Plus, you’ll save gas not driving all over the place.

5. Be Wise

We’ll admit we aren’t experts in saving money on gas, but our friends over at the Gypsy Journal have tons of extra tips that will help you save at the pump. Check out tips for saving gas money and start your next adventure!