7 Must-Have Apps for RV Campers

Get out your iPhones and get ready to download, because we’re unveiling the best RV camping apps. After all you know what they say, there’s an app for that. Put your wallet away, because these apps are all free.

Picking a Place

RV Parking: With more than 20,000 listings and user reviews, you’re sure to find a place to park that RV. You won’t find every RV park in the nation, but it’s definitely handy to use on the road. All the app information is online as well, so you can leave reviews or check the listings. 

Passport America: If you’re a passport American member, this app is a great addition to your travels. You can quickly find out if there are Passport America clubs on your path. Membership fees for the club are just $44/year, but you get a 50% discount at RV parks across the country. You just can’t go wrong! 

Planning the Path

Google Maps: Wherever you’re going, Google Maps will get you there. Plus, it has great features like turn by turn navigation and spoken directions. It will tell you if there’s traffic on your route, if there are tolls and what you can expect along the way. Before you go, put your destination into Google Maps to see what the roads are like.

Gas Buddy: Nothing is more disheartening than over-the-top gas prices. Users submit reviews to let you know where to get the cheapest gas in town. Who knows better than the locals? But, take caution. Factor in human error like wrong information and old prices.

Perusing the Particulars 

Find My Friends: Have lots of roaming friends? See if you’re in the same area using this app. It uses GPS technology to map where your friends are. It’s great if your on the road and you never know who you might see again. If you want to drop off the grid just turn off location reporting. Now you’ve gone incognito.

Redbox: This app will help you find the nearest Redbox location. From there you can rent DVD and games for about $1.25/night. The best part? You can return the movie to any Redbox location. If you’re traveling that night, just remember to see if a Redbox will be at your next location. You don’t want to keep that movie forever, right?

Yelp: Read user-submitted reviews for restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, shops and more. This is a great way to find out what the locals love. You’ll get to try new things and hopefully avoid the bad places.

You Won’t Believe How Popular RVs Are!

What could be more futuristic than a home on wheels? Okay, maybe our homes don’t fly yet, but a driving home is a close second.

RV’s are becoming an increasingly popular way to vacation. In fact, studies show that 1 in 12 U.S. vehicle-owning households now owns an RV. That’s roughly 8.2 million households.

Traveling in an RV gives you a unique way to vacation, whether you’re camping, visiting tourist hot spots or visiting friends and family. Whatever your reason, an RV gives you all the amenities of home with the freedom of the open road.

So, what’s making these roving homes so popular? Here are just a few reasons RV’s are becoming more popular.

1. More Bang For Your Buck
PFK Consulting, an international consulting firm with expertise in travel and tourism, found that RV family vacations are 27 to 61 percent less expensive than other types of vacations on average. Don’t worry about rising fuel costs, either. The study showed that fuel prices would have to more than double for typical motorhome vacations to become more expensive than other vacations. Most campgrounds cost between $30-40 per night, compared to over $100 for a motel stay. Plus, most campers choose to cook their meals inside their motorhomes, rather than eating out.

2. Home Living on the Road
Modern day motorhomes are usually equipped with full kitchens, bathrooms, beds, televisions and more. You have the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, having a home cooked meal and snuggling up for a movie in the evening. Plus, many RV campgrounds have complimentary WiFi so you can stay connected while you’re on the road.

3. RV Campsites Offer Fun Amenities
When you stay at a hotel, they usually offer a swimming pool and a continental breakfast. When you stay at an RV resort, you’re usually met with everything from an active clubhouse and swimming pools, to shuffleboard courts and tennis courts. There’s a great sense of community, and you’ll find that many RV resorts are inviting, so you’ll come as strangers and leave as family. You may be invited to a pot luck, ice cream social or pancake breakfast while you’re in town. You roll in and suddenly, you’re home.

4. The Attractions is in Your Backyard
There are plenty of beautiful tourist destinations across America. Whether you’re looking to visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or the Adirondack Mountains, you can find RV campsites within these parks so you’ll be right near the action. It’s a great way to become acquainted with your destination, plus you can wake up and start the day early, no extra travel required! Just make sure you have a nice pair of hiking boots.

5. Bringing Families Closer Together
Vacations are known for bringing families closer together (at least most of the time). How can you get any closer than inside an RV? You’re saving money, traveling the country and learning all about the quirks of your family. Now, there’s no study showing RV’s bring people together, so you might just have to try it for yourself.

These are just a few reasons RV camping is becoming so popular. What are your reasons?

5 Essential Hacks for Your Next RV Adventure

What’s better than RV adventures? Well, nothing. But here’s the deal. Planning is never fun (unless of course you’re a Type A personality), but it’s essential to having a blast on your next RV trip. Whether you’re a seasoned camper, or brand new to the lifestyle, here are 5 hacks you can’t miss.

1. Google Maps is Everything

Wherever you are, Google Maps has been there! Plan out your trip, especially if you are making several stops or if you plan to see any attractions on the way. Also, it’s a good idea to look into gas prices on the road, if you’ll be going through multiple states you might want to check into prices and find the best gas stations so you can put those on your route. Okay, so why is this important? Save money, get there faster, arrive in one piece. Important!

2. Things to Do & See

While you’re planning your route, think of some places you’d like to stop and see. Even if you’re going on a short road trip there might be a neat attraction you can visit. Sometimes small towns even have fun things to do. If you find a lot of attractions you’d like to see, consider being spontaneous. It can also be fun just to stop off at something you see on a billboard. The benefit of researching is that you know exactly what you’re getting into. But sometimes that’s half the fun!

3. Are We There Yet?

Plan road games and activities! Take to Pinterest if you have small children riding along. There are plenty of great ideas to help keep them entertained. If you’re traveling alone or with adults, consider bringing a laptop with some DVDs, a kindle to read, or other fun road-friendly hobbies. Also, don’t forget the snacks. This is imperative if you have children, but even if you don’t, a good bag of snacks can make or break a road trip.

4. Pack it Up

Don’t be a procrastinator, pack early and often. Many supplies, such as food and travel size toiletries can be packed or put in an RV without disrupting your current daily needs. Make a checklist and get to checking! It should include specific items such as clothing, food, drinks, eating utensils, towels. Yeah, you get the picture. Again, Pinterest has some great guides to help you get started. Also, don’t lose your checklist!

5. It Might Be Last- But Safety First

As with any recreational activity, it is important to remember that there are some risks associated with traveling by RV, especially in areas that you are unfamiliar with.  For that reason, a number of steps should be taken to protect your safety.  Be sure to leave an itinerary with someone that you know and trust, always be aware of your surroundings, always keep a cell phone nearby, and be sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit.