Could You Handle Full-Time RV Camping?

Full-time RV Camping
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Many seniors are looking for a low-maintenance place to call home. They want a place that will be safe when they’re traveling. A place that will be easy to keep clean. A place where they won’t have to mow the yard or trim trees.

That’s why many seniors are choosing to become full-time RVers. This is a lifestyle of fun, adventure and autonomy. As they travel the country, anywhere they land becomes home. So, what makes this lifestyle so appealing?

The first is freedom and flexibility. Many seniors have children scattered across the country. They could be visiting a son in Texas one day and a daughter in California a few days later. Parking the RV in a driveway is free, and it affords both parents and children their own space.

Secondly, RV travels can find unique and creative ways to earn money. Some RVers choose to do something called work camping. It’s a short-term position where campers do work in the park in exchange for lot rent. In Florida, there are plenty of part-time jobs at theme parks, tourist attractions and state fairs.

Finally, RV camping is all about convenience. Seniors are able to travel light without numerous belongings, which makes it great for downsizing. Going from a full-size house to an RV can certainly be tough, but using some of our RV space saving tips, it’s certainly doable.

If you’re a full-time RVer tell us about it!

5 RV Camping Hacks You Can’t Miss

It’s officially camping season in Florida. We know you’re ready to get on the open road, but before you do we have 5 RV camping hacks you won’t want to miss. It’ll make your experience more enjoyable and your RV neighbors will think you’re the smartest campers on the block. You don’t even have to give us credit!

1. A Badge of Honor 
You can get these simple badge holder clips at any office supply store. They are great for holding name tags, badges and backstage passes to your shirt. They are also great for hanging outdoor lights around your RV awning. Don’t bother spending tons of money on clips when these will do the job. No one will know the difference and you’ll save loads of money on your new decor so you can upgrade to the fancier hanging lights. 
2. Don’t Be a Square
Actually, sometimes it’s okay to be a square! If you’re running out of room for food storage in your RV, consider switching things in round containers to reusable square containers. They stack and store much easier, plus it’s a great excuse to use a label maker. Now we’re wondering what the plan for these chocolate chips is. Cookies, anyone?  
3. Command Beauty 
Decorating your RV doesn’t have to be expensive. Hang curtains in your RV with command hooks. You can even paint them to match the curtain rods, your wall or the curtains themselves. Now that’s decor done right. 
4. Scramble More- Scrub Less
This idea is basically genius. Grab an old coffee creamer bottle and wash it out (no one likes french vanilla eggs), and then crack eggs into it. As you crack the eggs, take a marker and mark how many eggs have gone in. This way you can make the perfect amount for everyone without ever dirtying up a bowl. Breakfast is served. 
5. Let’s Hang Out
We’re pretty sure you’ll be the most popular person at the RV park with these ideas. Speaking of hanging out, most people forget the space-saving awesomeness of hanging things. Use this mesh storage system in your shower, behind the door in your bathroom, in your bedroom or anywhere something can hang. It’s a great place to store odds and ends, plus it keeps them out of the way. It’s a win-win all around.
What amazing RV camping hacks do you have? Share them with us!