10 RV Space Saving Ideas

It’s no secret, RV’s can get a little cramped. Organizing and planning is the best way to utilize all the space in your roving home, without sacrificing style or efficiency. Get your RV ready for a new year of traveling with these great RV storage ideas. 

If you’ve never used Pinterest, it’s a great tool for cleaning and organizing. Ideas are usually easy to implement and useful. Here are the top 5 RV Space Saving Ideas of Pinterest.

rv space saving ideas

 In-wall Food & Water Bowl For RVs

Have furry friends traveling with you? These bowls are the perfect space saver. When not in use, you just store the bowls back in the wall. 
Put that towel rack to good use. Use hanging buckets from Ikea to store toiletries  in your RV bathroom. Plus, if you have multiple travelers, each person can have their bucket labeled with their name. It also gives you a great excuse to buy a label maker. 
rv space saving ideas

Use an old all-in-one spice container to store the spices you use most often in the RV. This will clear up some clutter, and prevent you from having spices rolling around in your drawers. It’s a win for everyone. 
rv space saving ideas
You’ll probably need quite a few random items in an RV. Rather than starting the infamous and hated “junk drawer”, have some mints and then use those handy little containers for storage. Looks like you’ll really need that label maker now!
You never know when you may want to look nice when you’re taking an RV vacation. After all, the open road is all yours. Don’t let a little thing like space stop you from bringing along curling and straightening irons. Use file folders to store all your beauty supplies in one place. It’s not only genius, but it will only cost a few dollars.
A lot of our storage space isn’t too small, it’s just misused. This blog shows great before and after pictures of the “under the sink storage” in an RV. You can see how much more storage was added and how much cleaner it looks. It’s a great way to maximize space and make things easy to find.

What To Do Without an RV Dresser
Here’s the deal. Many RV campers don’t have dressers, and dressers take up a lot of room. This family has great solutions for making it work without a bulky dresser. One very important thing to remember when  organizing your RV is functionality. This tip is both functional and practical.

Nesting Bowls and Measuring Spoons  for RV Campers

Don’t limit yourself to one mixing and serving bowl. Nesting bowls are colorful, useful and fun. They help save space and still give you plenty of options in the kitchen. Plus, this particular set also comes with measuring spoons, so you can cook and bake to your hearts desire.

Add Slide Out Drawers to RV Tables 

You’re probably catching on by now that using typically unused space is key. Having slide out drawers under your table will give you extra room in your kitchen drawers, or it can help store craft supplies, odds and ends, etc. It’s not much, but every little bit helps.

RV Camping Organizing 101

We’re sharing this last post for one very important reason: to help you think VERTICAL! You’ll learn about organizing sweaters, but in Florida, sweaters aren’t really a thing. Anyways, the most important thing you can takeaway from this article is to store things vertically and along walls or cabinets. Get creative with different storage solutions. Even if something is for shoes or shirts, get creative!

What are your best RV space saving ideas?