Do-It-Yourself RV Ideas

Before you scrap that old RV and buy a new one, think of getting your hands dirty. DIY projects are the way of the future, at with a little time and TLC, that old RV could be something truly special.

So, where do you start on a project like this? We’ll help get your creative juices flowing.


You don’t have to wait until spring to get started on this adventure. First take everything out of your RV, this includes all personal items and soft items like seating covers. Don’t go crazy cleaning, but give the RV a nice once-over. Then go through everything you removed, included covers, shower curtains, window curtains and more. See what needs to be updated, what can be refurbished and what needs to be tossed. 

Look around your RV. Simple changes might make all the difference in the world. With this kitchen, we see a few changes that would be simple, cheap and easy to do. The brown and yellow cabinets scream tacky. Although replacing cabinets might be expensive, painting them is not. If your cabinets need some TLC, start there. You could also paint or replace the paper towel holder, replace the curtains, remove the tack decor and spray paint the stove. There’s not a spray paint called stainless steel that will make your oven look expensive without the cost. 
Add Some Flare
Go to thrift stores and find great pieces to use inside your RV. This will help bring some life and personality to your old home. Plus decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It can be unique and beautiful with DIY projects too. Finding pieces for your RV will make it seem all the more special to you. Try to stick with a theme, grab some louder items and go for pops of color. 
Okay, now that you’ve saved tons of money not buying that new camper, we believe it’s okay to splurge a little. Buy yourself a new stove, a new fridge or a new shower head. You certainly don’t have to buy everything, but getting one nice new item can make your camper feel like home again.

What DIY tips and tricks do you have?