Read This Before You Go Camping in Florida

The Sunshine State. You know us for our beaches, great theme parks and amazing food. Now let’s talk about what you don’t know. Here are some tips and you need to read before you come camping in the wild lands of Florida.

Let’s talk tip numero uno. Okay, so you know we’re the Sunshine State, we covered that. But did you also know Florida has a wet season and a dry season? It’s true! You might think summer is a great time to visit (and it totally can be), but it’s also the wet season. Most days are above 80 degrees, and with the heat index it can feel like a whooping 100 or more. It rains most afternoons, sometimes raining all day. Plus, the hot and wet weather is bad for you, good for mosquitoes (so again bad for you). Basically what we’re trying to say is, there’s a reason people LOVE winter in Florida. It hardly ever rains between December and May, but the weather is usually mild and sunny. Now that is paradise!

Florida has some pretty exciting wildlife, in fact, we are known for two out of the three animals listed above. True, you won’t see any tigers (unless you visit the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa), but there are plenty of other native animals you might encounter when camping. If you encounter a bear,

remember to use slow movements and never make eye contact. Most importantly, secure your food and never feed the animals. Sometimes animals can get very comfortable around people, especially if they are used to being served dinner. Don’t let them decide you’d make a good dinner.

Let’s say you do try to brave Florida’s summer. You’re still in for a treat because we have lots of neat stuff to do, BUT you will have to contend with the bugs. Remember to bring lots of bug spray and citronella candles. A good tip to remember is to use the spray on your clothing and not your skin. Also wrap up some dried sage to toss on your campfire. It helps act as a natural bug repellant that will help keep your skin bite free! Don’t forget the cortisone incase any bugs get past your barriers.

This probably goes for most states, but Florida has some strict laws about open fires, especially in the dry season. You’ll get good weather, but double check with your campground before lighting those s’mores! Many campgrounds require special permits or containers for fires. This is because the dry season sees a lot of brush fire, so it’s one way to keep our forests, animals and campers safe. You can totally tell ghost stories around the fire, just make sure to do it legally.

Florida is hot. You know this, but unless you’re from Florida you might not understand how hot it truly gets. Even in the winter the temperature can climb into the high 80’s. Whether you are tent camping or RV camping, make sure you have enough water. You definitely don’t want to find yourself dehydrated in the woods. Don’t underestimate how much water you’ll need, especially when it’s hot out. Stay hydrated and cool throughout the day. Remember, Florida is fun, but we do have some ground rules. Now go enjoy the great outdoors!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About RV Camping at Sandhill Shores

 If you haven’t been to Florida’s Treasure Coast, then you’re missing out on one of the state’s hidden gems. Before you start planning your summer RV camping trip, let us give you the inside scoop on Sandhill Shores. Tucked away in Fort Pierce, this RV resort is brimming with character and charm, not to mention a great location.

1. Big Rigs, Big Fun

At Sandhill Shores, we know you want to be comfortable at your RV resort. That’s why we have some of the largest RV sites in the industry, with most sites coming in at 40×60 (many RV resorts average around 20 x 40). Some of our sites offer a concrete parking pad, but every one of them offers full hook-ups and 30/50 AMP service. Now that’s what we call camping!
2. Just Beachy
Love the beach? Well then you’ll love staying at Sandhill Shores. We are located just minutes away from miles of free, top-rated public beaches. What could be better than sandy shores and crashing waves all just a bike ride away! You can launch a kayak or canoe from nearby beaches, by a round of volleyball or just hangout on a towel and catch some rays. Whatever you decide to do, there’s something for everyone. 

3. Amenity Serenity 

At Sandhill Shores, we’re on island time. Stay at ‘home’ and relax for the day poolside. Or checkout our community center, a hub of activity that includes a full kitchen, stage and dance floor. Stop by our game room to play billiards, ping pong or grab a book from the library. Plus you can workout in our newly renovated fitness center. Get outside in the Florida sun with shuffleboard or horseshoes. Don’t miss our weekly events or, from potlucks and dances, to campfires and BBQs you’ll never be bored at Sandhill Shores! Our residents are friendly and always welcoming. In fact, they love having our RV visitors stop by! We welcome you like family. 
4. Fort Pierce Fun 
Fort pierce, often called the Sunrise City, is a great place to explore in Florida. Fort Pierce offers contemporary shopping, dining, great fishing and a range of entertainment and activities such as the Farmers’ Market, Bike Night, Friday Fest, Jazz Market and the Fort Pierce city-owned and -operated 1,200-seat Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts. You’ll love the wide array of restaurants, shopping and events available to you on one of Florida’s most beautiful coasts. 

5. WiFi & Weather

Okay guys, we only have one more reason left but it’s a combo package! The average temperature in Fort Pierce is 72 degrees in the winter, but most of the year we’re in the high 80’s with a sea breeze. So basically, you should never spend a day shoveling snow, just come here instead! Now onto our last point. We offer free WiFi, you, you read that right, FREE WIFI! There’s no catch, you just have to be a guest here at Sandhill Shores and poof, your internet surfing powers and endless. So come on by and surf the web, surf the sea, whatever you choose to do, e hope to see you soon! 

The Five Words You Need to Know to Downsize for Full-Time RV Camping

Full-time RV camping is freeing, exciting and a great adventure. But before you rush out the door to the open road, take a good look around your house. All that stuff isn’t going to fit in your RV. Before you start hyperventilating, try not to make this into an episode of hoarders.

We live in a world obsessed with material possessions, so the idea of removing perfectly good odds and ends from your life seems absurd. In reality, it’s actually pretty freeing. Think of what you actually need to survive. It’s not much. So where do you start the process? Make list (we love lists, can’t you tell?).

Organize all of your things using the 6 categories below. Once you have a better idea of your inventory, you can start pairing it down. If possible, begin with the items you don’t use every day, like kitchen appliances, decorations, items in closets, etc.

            1. Household Items
            2. Furniture
            3. Clothes & Shoes
            4. Office & Files
            5. Tools & Garage Items
            6. Other

Be realistic about the fate of these items. Less is truly more when it comes to living in an RV. As you go through your things, pile them into the following categories: Keep, Sell, Toss, Store, Donate. 

A keeper item is something you’ll be bringing into the RV with you. It should serve a distinct purpose. Sell is an item that is valuable, but you no longer need it. You can consider selling it online, in a garage sale, to a friend or through a pawn shop.

Toss is an item like an old pillow or old socks, you can’t sell them, you aren’t going to keep them and you certainly don’t want to store them. Finally store, these are items like paperwork, family photos and keepsakes and other important things that won’t fit in your RV, but that you don’t want to get rid of.

You may find you have some things that are valuable that you neither want to keep, store or sell. Find a local thrift shop and make a donation! You can also go to a local church, find a charity or even give things to friends in need. However you decide to do it, you’ll be helping someone out and you’ll feel good about it too!

Once you begin taking action, you’ll start to feel a lot better about the process. For many people it can be an emotional journey, as these things make up the the story of your life as you’ve lived it. They are your possessions, your treasures and uniquely yours. Because emotions can play such a huge part in your decisions, it’s good to make piles and come back to them a few days later.

Probably your most important piles to assess are the Keep and Store piles. Make sure what you are keeping will serve a purpose as you transition to full-time RVing. In the store pile, you want to make sure what you are storing is definitely worth the cost of a monthly storage unit. These can get pretty expensive, so you don’t want to be storing a few photos of your kids and a lamp you just don’t want to get rid of. In the end, you might find that you don’t even need a storage unit.

Okay, so you’re probably overwhelmed by now. It’s okay. Start from the top and work your way down. Remember this doesn’t have to be done overnight and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Whatever is best for you and your family is what’s going to give you the most peace in the long run.

Good luck and happy full-time RVing!

10 Reasons to Go RV Camping in Florida

We’re called the Sunshine State, know for our beaches, beautiful weather and great tourist attractions. It’s why Florida is such a hot destination for RV campers across the country. So, what makes people really want to come here?

The Manatees
The name “sea cow” probably doesn’t conjur up images of something cute, but let us tell you the manatee is cute. They are gentle giants who love warm water. When you visit Florida you can even take a dip with these lovable creatures!
The Beach
If you love the beach, you’ll love RV camping in Florida. Whether you want to stay at an RV park near the beach or an RV park on the beach, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can play on the beach almost all year long. Since us Floridians bring out our winter clothes at around 70 degrees, you’ll have a beautiful beach all to yourself.
Disney WorldDisney World is magical whether you’re 5 or 95. From the scenery and the rides to the food and fun, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. You don’t have to stay in Orlando to enjoy Disney. RV parks near Disney World make just as great of a location without all the extra traffic.
The Sun
Okay, we aren’t the only state with sunshine, but if you come RV camping in Florida you’ll notice the sun is a little different. It’s warmer, brighter and more beautiful. Just remember to put on lots of sunscreen when you’re enjoying the great outdoors in Florida. We aren’t called the Sunshine State for nothing.
The Cuban Sandwich
Rumor has it that the Cuban sandwich got it’s start right here in Tampa, Florida. When you come RV Camping in Florida, you don’t want to miss the Cuban sandwiches. They are crunchy, delicious and packed high with meat and cheese. Seriously, they are good.
Golf Courses
Golf is big in Florida, in fact, we have the most golf courses in the country with over 1,200. Since we have nice weather all year, there’s never a bad time to play. And with so many golf courses you’ll never park your RV far from the green. Life is good!
Orange Juice
Have you ever had freshly squeezed orange juice from real Florida oranges? If not, you’re missing out big time. Even if you don’t squeeze it with a dinosaur, it’s still delicious. When you come RV camping in Florida, you can stop by an orange grove for a tour, grab some oranges and have fresh OJ for your morning meal.
Melt some butter, because we have some of the best and freshest seafood in Florida. We have seafood restaurants across the state with delicious fare from crab and lobster to scallops and fish. Many places even serve freshly caught seafood or will cook up your catch of the day!
Water Parks
Our water parks are open all year. Whether you want to explore bigger ones or a smaller local one, they are great places to cool off. Come RV camping in Florida and make a splash!
Summer really isn’t a season so much as a state of mind. If there’s one thing you want to pack on your vacation to Florida it’s flip flops. We wear them for all-purposes!

5 Reasons to Visit Fiesta Grove RV Resort in Palmetto, Florida

1. The residents know how to have fun! 
In fact, the number one rule at Fiesta Grove is FUN, FUN, FUN! The residents enjoy awesome events like bingo, dances, pot lucks, yoga, coffee hours, shuffleboard tournaments and more. Want to know what’s going on today? Check out their Facebook at

2. The average temperature in Palmetto is 72 degrees!
You seriously cannot beat the weather at Fiesta Grove! Which is great because the Palmetto RV park features awesome amenities like a sparkling pool, plus basketball, shuffleboard, horseshoe and bocce ball courts for guests to enjoy the beautiful weather!

3. People LOVE staying at Fiesta Grove!
We could tell you how awesome Fiesta Grove is, or we could just let you read a bunch of comments from happy campers!

“We visited Fiesta Grove 7 years ago and have come back every year since; in fact, we bought a place in the park.  It’s a very active community, always lots going on, and we have many more “young” people coming in every season!  We love our park and the people in it…they’re our second family and we so look forward to spending our winter there.  The new managers have really made many improvements and have become good friends with the residents.  Please consider visiting…you won’t be sorry!” – Pat M.

“We look forward to staying the winter in Fiesta Grove.  The people are very friendly and there are activities for everyone.  The managers are very people oriented.  Each summer we have a northern reunion in a different state.” – Lou J.

“If you like to stay active and have fun,Fiesta Grove is the place for you. There is always something exciting going on. Between the weekly activities and entertainment the happy hours and coffee times there is no time to get homesick in the winter. Come join the fun!” -The Davis”

“Friends and art group, everyone seems like  family.  Dick likes shuffle board and fishing friends.  We have been in park since  1999.” – The Barths

“The people are like family. We would not go any where else.” – Ron G.

4. Free WiFi
Internet can get expensive, but at Fiesta Grove internet is included in your nightly rates. That means you can enjoy staying connected on the community’s Facebook page or doing whatever floats your boat on the internet! It’s just another sweet perk of staying at Fiesta Grove.

5. There’s Great Area Attractions 
As if Fiesta Grove didn’t have enough amazing amenities and events, you’ll find great area attractions as well. There’s plenty of shopping nearby, including the Ellenton Outlet Mall, plus there’s something for nature lovers, museum lovers, beach lovers or thrill seekers. Wondering what you’ll find to do near Fiesta Grove? Check out their area attractions page to find your next adventure:

Stocking Up on These RV Items Early Could Save Your Camping Trip

Have you been looking for a reason to head to Sam’s Club? Well, we have a checklist of supplies you can stock up on now for your next RV trip. Create a checklist of items you can buy ahead of time. This will help you save money as you can spread out the costs over time.

Look at this checklist to see what you might want to stock up on early!

  • Bottled Water
Hydration is extremely important, and if you ever don’t have access to fresh water, bottled water will be a lifesaver!
  • Soda, Juice, Coffee, Tea, Etc.
This is a personal preference, but some people enjoy drinking soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea. These drinks have lengthy expiration dates, so they are good items to stock up on early, especially if there are sales.
  • Non-perishable food
Non-perishable food is especially important in case there is a power outage. You want to grab things that can be eaten without heating. Plus you’ll want to bring items like graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars. You can always cook over the open fire too!
  • First Aid Supplies
Your best bet is to purchase a fully stocked first aid kit. If you already have one, make sure it has all the supplies you’ll need. You never know what types of injuries can happen on the road, while hiking or just while having a good time. Even if you require medical attention, you can prevent a lot of damage by having a first aid kid handy.
  • Toiletries
Smaller toiletries are great for an RV. You can stock up on these when there are sales as well. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll have everything you need without having to pack it from home. Plus the smaller toiletries are great for carting with you to campground showers. 
  • Tarp
You never know when you’ll need a tarp. These can be an expensive purchase depending on the size you need, so picking up one early will save you both time and money before you embark on your next RV adventure. 
  • Clothing Items 
If you live in Florida like we do, you probably have a serious shortage of winter clothes. If you’re going RV camping somewhere cold, you’ll want to stock up on long underwear, gloves, sweaters and sweatpants now! You don’t want to purchase a whole wardrobe of warm clothes two days before your vacation. 
  • Fire Wood
Okay, firewood is seriously important. After all, how are you going to cook those s’mores. We mention firewood because it can be extremely difficult to get in some places. If it has recently rained, all the firewood may be too wet to use. Stock up now and avoid the trouble.
What items do you stock up on before an RV camping trip?