Hacks You Need to Know Before Making an RV Camping Checklist

Making a list and checking it twice isn’t just for Santa. Before you hit the open road, grab your favorite Type A personality and tell them you need a list, rest assured it will get done. But before they get started, refer them to this article for the Do’s and Don’ts of making RV camping checklists. They’ll follow this, trust us.


  • MAKE YOUR LIST EARLY. If you wait until the day before your trip, your list is going to feel mighty difficult. You’ll probably also forgot important things like a swimsuit or raincoat (both important for Florida summers). If you enlist the help of your Type A personality, they’ll probably start 2-3 months before your trip.
  • USE FREE LISTS TO HELP. To start, download a few free checklists. They’ll give you a starting point and some basics that most RV trips need. You can always add things or take things away based on your own personal desires. 
  • HAVE EACH PERSON CREATE A LIST. Let everyone going on your trip create a list of things they think you’ll need or things they need personally. For example, if someone in your family wears contacts, they’ll need to remember their case and solution. You can then add everyone’s suggestions and personal needs to your master list. 
  • CHECK FINISHED ITEMS OFF ASAP. When you finish something, check it off. Not only will it make you feel accomplished, you’ll stay organized. Don’t think you’ll remember what you’ve done so far. Every time you check something off, consider giving yourself a small treat. It will help. 


  • RELY TOO MUCH ON FREE LISTS. Okay, we did mention getting free lists, but only as a starting point. Although they can be helpful, most lists are extremely general and will not list all the items you’ll need. Use them only as a helper! 
  • DON’T IGNORE THE LIST. How many times do you create a list and lose it or not use it. Yeah, don’t do that. If you spend the time creating the list, keep your Type A personality friend around until it’s completed. Heck, maybe offer to take the on the trip for all their hard work! 
  • BE A LIST STICKLER. Before you leave, look over your list and make sure everything is checked off. Get together with everyone and make sure there wasn’t anything you missed on the list. Remember, lists are helpful but not perfect for remembering everything. 

We hope you enjoyed this list and are ready to start creating! Happy Travels.

Stocking Up on These RV Items Early Could Save Your Camping Trip

Have you been looking for a reason to head to Sam’s Club? Well, we have a checklist of supplies you can stock up on now for your next RV trip. Create a checklist of items you can buy ahead of time. This will help you save money as you can spread out the costs over time.

Look at this checklist to see what you might want to stock up on early!

  • Bottled Water
Hydration is extremely important, and if you ever don’t have access to fresh water, bottled water will be a lifesaver!
  • Soda, Juice, Coffee, Tea, Etc.
This is a personal preference, but some people enjoy drinking soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea. These drinks have lengthy expiration dates, so they are good items to stock up on early, especially if there are sales.
  • Non-perishable food
Non-perishable food is especially important in case there is a power outage. You want to grab things that can be eaten without heating. Plus you’ll want to bring items like graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars. You can always cook over the open fire too!
  • First Aid Supplies
Your best bet is to purchase a fully stocked first aid kit. If you already have one, make sure it has all the supplies you’ll need. You never know what types of injuries can happen on the road, while hiking or just while having a good time. Even if you require medical attention, you can prevent a lot of damage by having a first aid kid handy.
  • Toiletries
Smaller toiletries are great for an RV. You can stock up on these when there are sales as well. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll have everything you need without having to pack it from home. Plus the smaller toiletries are great for carting with you to campground showers. 
  • Tarp
You never know when you’ll need a tarp. These can be an expensive purchase depending on the size you need, so picking up one early will save you both time and money before you embark on your next RV adventure. 
  • Clothing Items 
If you live in Florida like we do, you probably have a serious shortage of winter clothes. If you’re going RV camping somewhere cold, you’ll want to stock up on long underwear, gloves, sweaters and sweatpants now! You don’t want to purchase a whole wardrobe of warm clothes two days before your vacation. 
  • Fire Wood
Okay, firewood is seriously important. After all, how are you going to cook those s’mores. We mention firewood because it can be extremely difficult to get in some places. If it has recently rained, all the firewood may be too wet to use. Stock up now and avoid the trouble.
What items do you stock up on before an RV camping trip?