7 Must-Have Apps for RV Campers

Get out your iPhones and get ready to download, because we’re unveiling the best RV camping apps. After all you know what they say, there’s an app for that. Put your wallet away, because these apps are all free.

Picking a Place

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RV Parking: With more than 20,000 listings and user reviews, you’re sure to find a place to park that RV. You won’t find every RV park in the nation, but it’s definitely handy to use on the road. All the app information is online as well, so you can leave reviews or check the listings. 
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Passport America: If you’re a passport American member, this app is a great addition to your travels. You can quickly find out if there are Passport America clubs on your path. Membership fees for the club are just $44/year, but you get a 50% discount at RV parks across the country. You just can’t go wrong! 

Planning the Path

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Google Maps: Wherever you’re going, Google Maps will get you there. Plus, it has great features like turn by turn navigation and spoken directions. It will tell you if there’s traffic on your route, if there are tolls and what you can expect along the way. Before you go, put your destination into Google Maps to see what the roads are like.

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Gas Buddy: Nothing is more disheartening than over-the-top gas prices. Users submit reviews to let you know where to get the cheapest gas in town. Who knows better than the locals? But, take caution. Factor in human error like wrong information and old prices.

Perusing the Particulars 

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Find My Friends: Have lots of roaming friends? See if you’re in the same area using this app. It uses GPS technology to map where your friends are. It’s great if your on the road and you never know who you might see again. If you want to drop off the grid just turn off location reporting. Now you’ve gone incognito.

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Redbox: This app will help you find the nearest Redbox location. From there you can rent DVD and games for about $1.25/night. The best part? You can return the movie to any Redbox location. If you’re traveling that night, just remember to see if a Redbox will be at your next location. You don’t want to keep that movie forever, right?

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Yelp: Read user-submitted reviews for restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, shops and more. This is a great way to find out what the locals love. You’ll get to try new things and hopefully avoid the bad places.