5 Tips for Renting an RV in Florida

Welcome to Florida, where endless summer gives us endless opportunities for RV camping. Sunny days and breezy nights create the perfect scene for your best camping memories yet. But wait! You don’t have an RV! Great news, there are many reputable RV rental services in Florida, but here’s what you need to know before signing on the dotted line. 

Do your research so you get the best deal! 
Knowing all of your options is the best way to successfully rent an RV in Florida. Check out all the local RV rentals companies and see what’s available. 
Next, examine the types of RVs for rent.  For comfort, as well as safety, rent a motor home that is able to accommodate you and your traveling party.  For example, a group of six travelers should not try and squeeze into a motor home built for five.  Also examine features, such as number of electrical outlets, onboard television, movie players, and so forth.
This might look nice, but is it worth the price? 
Once you’ve scouted your options, it’s time to compare prices. Be sure you take into account any additional costs like mileage, non-refundable fees, etc. You can also save money by additional features and ensuring you return the RV in great condition. 
It won’t be fun, but you’ll be better off when you read the fine print!
When renting an RV, you will be required to sign a contract.  This contract is similar to one that you would sign if you were renting a car.  With that being said, never assume that all rental contracts are the same.  Always fully read an RV rental contract, including the fine print.  Never sign anything that looks too suspicious.  When in doubt, ask to take the contract home and review it first.
In keeping with reading all fine print, it is important to know all RV rental rules and restrictions upfront.  Many times, these rules and restrictions are highlighted on a rental contract, but there is no harm in asking for additional information.  Be on the lookout for any rules that may limit the number of guests allowed on board, age requirements for children, and so froth.
It had this scratch before, right?
Being cautious is an important component of renting an RV.  If you are not careful, you may be financially responsible for any damage that occurs.  Many times, RV renters are inexperienced at driving rigs, so always  use extreme caution on the roads.  Some tips involve keeping all food and drinks properly covered or put up while on the road, don’t prepare foods while driving that can cause harmful stains, and so forth.  Also, if you have children, be sure to set some ground rules.

Better late than never won’t apply here! 

Returning your RV rental on time is important for keeping your rental costs low and affordable.  Late rentals may incur late fees.  These late fees, should they exist, should be outlined on the RV rental contract.  If you know you are running behind schedule and will be late, be sure to contact your RV rental company to inform them of your delay as soon as possible.
As a recap, RV renters are encouraged to examine all of their rental options, compare prices, thoroughly read through rental contracts, use caution, and return their RV rentals on time.  These steps, when properly implemented, can not only help to improve the overall quality of your next RV trip, but they can also help to keep the costs associated with that trip reasonable.

5 Tips for Renting an RV

Woohoo! You just rented your first RV and you’re ready to hit the open road. Your bags are packed, food is stocked and reservations are made. But before you leave, it’s a good idea to take a few moments to look over these 5 tips for renting an RV.


We all know how easy it is make decisions on a whim. After all, when you walk in to rent an RV and a sales person pitches you all the great features of an RV for a low cost it can be easy to rent the first one you see. But shopping around can definitely pay off in the end.

Once you’ve found a few places to go, check out the type of RVs they have for rent. For both comfort and safety, make sure to choose a home that will accommodate your entire traveling party. Even though it may be cheaper, a party of six would not want to squeeze into a home meant for five.

Check out the motor homes for features as well. For example, if you’re traveling with small children it might be nice to have an on-board television and movie player. If you have appliances or electronics with cords, check for a good number of outlets. Try to picture yourself and everyone who’s coming with you in the RV and make sure it will be a comfortable and fun trip for everyone.


Once you have a list of options, it’s time to compare prices. Narrow down the type and size of RV you want and then compare prices based on size, availability and amenities. Lists will be your friend when doing price comparisons. Make columns and write down the following: Rental Store, RV Type, RV Size, Amenities, Price & Rental Terms. Fill out the columns for each of the RVs you love and pick the one that will make your vacation the best it can be! Doing this will give you a side-by-side comparison so you can make the best decision possible.


We’re all guilty of signing contacts or clicking agree without ever reading a word. Many RV rental contracts are similar to that of a car. Still, you never want to assume contracts are the same. Read first, ask questions, get clarifications and then sign. If something looks suspicious, don’t sign. When in doubt, ask to take the contract home so you can review it first. Better safe than sorry! It won’t be a fun read, but it will be worth it.


Like with any rental, you want to use with caution. You should still have a fun, laid back and relaxing vacation, but don’t take any unnecessary risks. Make sure to be cautious when preparing food and when coming in from outside. If you have young children with you, make sure to set some ground rules. Over all, have fun and use common sense!


This is an important one! Returning your RV rental on time will save you money. Late fees are an expensive cost. If there are any late fees, it will be outlined in your RV rental contract. If you’re running late, be sure to call your RV rental company to inform them of your delay as soon as possible.

Last but not least, have a great time! The open road is calling and renting an RV is an awesome way to see if you’re ready for ownership, or to have a fun vacation without the commitment of purchasing an RV. What are your rental tips?