5 Unique Ways to Organize Your RV

For some, organizing the RV is an adventure. You get to take a haphazard pile and create order. For others, it’s like asking them to get a root canal. No matter what your feelings on RV organization are, we have 5 great tips that are sure to get you motivate to whip that place into shape. 
Stick command hooks on the inside of your cabinets and place lids, muffin tins, and other items in them. To secure them, use bungee straps to keep the items in place. This not only utilizes more storage space, but it’s also a great way to keep things from rolling around in your cabinets. 
Counter space is usually limited in an RV and you definitely don’t want your produce getting mashed in the fridge. This is a great solution! You just need a hook and a shower caddy and you can store your produce. You can also get hanging produce storage as well that’s very similar and has more room. The point is, there are many options for produce storage in an RV, so find what works best for you! 
It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a small apartment, small kitchen or small RV, having a drying rack out can take up a lot of space. Not to mention they are pretty unsightly things. This is definitely the greatest thing since sliced bread! It’s a collapsible dish dryer that you can place in your sink while the dishes dry and fold up after you put them away. Genius, right?! 
This might not be a “quick fix”, but it’s definitely worth it. One thing you’ll realize when you live in a small space is that every ounce of storage matters. Use dead space, like underneath your seating, to create hidden storage. It keeps your camper looking great and with less clutter too. 

An RV fridge can be a pretty scary place. This tip is simple and useful. Organize your food into containers according to item and then label them accordingly. You’ll be able to stack the bins and you can use bungee cords to secure the bins in place. More delicate items can be stored together and you won’t have things rolling around in the fridge. But before you run out and buy a bunch of bins, make sure to assess what types of food you usually keep in your fridge and buy things accordingly! 
What tips do you want to share for RV organization?