7 Must-Have Apps for RV Campers

Get out your iPhones and get ready to download, because we’re unveiling the best RV camping apps. After all you know what they say, there’s an app for that. Put your wallet away, because these apps are all free.

Picking a Place

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RV Parking: With more than 20,000 listings and user reviews, you’re sure to find a place to park that RV. You won’t find every RV park in the nation, but it’s definitely handy to use on the road. All the app information is online as well, so you can leave reviews or check the listings. 
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Passport America: If you’re a passport American member, this app is a great addition to your travels. You can quickly find out if there are Passport America clubs on your path. Membership fees for the club are just $44/year, but you get a 50% discount at RV parks across the country. You just can’t go wrong! 

Planning the Path

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Google Maps: Wherever you’re going, Google Maps will get you there. Plus, it has great features like turn by turn navigation and spoken directions. It will tell you if there’s traffic on your route, if there are tolls and what you can expect along the way. Before you go, put your destination into Google Maps to see what the roads are like.

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Gas Buddy: Nothing is more disheartening than over-the-top gas prices. Users submit reviews to let you know where to get the cheapest gas in town. Who knows better than the locals? But, take caution. Factor in human error like wrong information and old prices.

Perusing the Particulars 

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Find My Friends: Have lots of roaming friends? See if you’re in the same area using this app. It uses GPS technology to map where your friends are. It’s great if your on the road and you never know who you might see again. If you want to drop off the grid just turn off location reporting. Now you’ve gone incognito.

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Redbox: This app will help you find the nearest Redbox location. From there you can rent DVD and games for about $1.25/night. The best part? You can return the movie to any Redbox location. If you’re traveling that night, just remember to see if a Redbox will be at your next location. You don’t want to keep that movie forever, right?

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Yelp: Read user-submitted reviews for restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, shops and more. This is a great way to find out what the locals love. You’ll get to try new things and hopefully avoid the bad places.

What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

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Are finally ready to take the plunge? Buying an RV that is! Before you buy that motorhome from Craigslist,  make sure you check out these tips.

  • Can it hold water?
    • Whether you’re buying a new or used RV, your home should be waterproof. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your potential home for leaks and water damage.
      • Check the ceiling for any water stains.
      • Look for any bubbling or spongy interior sections. 
      • See if the lamination is coming off the windows.
      • Check for blisters or bubbling on the exterior. 
      • Inspect below the sinks and in the bathrooms, as well. 
  • Too much of a good thing. 
    • RV’s were made for the outdoors, but too much sun could damage both the interior and the exterior.
      • Check the plastic fixtures inside the RV to make sure they aren’t brittle from too much sun. 
      • Peek at the plastics and coverings on the seats, the dashboard and the steering wheel. Sometimes they can be dry rotted and cracking, which could lead to costly refinishing later on. 
      • If the RV has a sunscreen pullout get it out for inspection. See if it’s ripped, dry rotted, or otherwise damaged. 
      • Look around the outside of the RV and see if anything looks faded or weak. Sometimes the color is just lighter from being older, other times the damage is structural and could need repairs. 
  • That’s how you roll.
    • Check those tires! If one blows out, it could happen instantaneously, causing serious damage to your RV, your loved ones and even people around you.
      • Even if the tire looks good, they shouldn’t be more than seven years old.
      • Look for the proper amount of tread. 
      • See if the tires have any cracks. 
  • Might be a bit rusty. 
    • Depending on where a motorhome is parked, there may be rust on many of the metal surfaces, but there are some key places to lookout for the rusty culprit. 
      • The undercarriage of the RV. 
      • The Brakes.
      • Metal Frames. 
      • Pipes and Plumbing. 
      • Any Other Metal Fixtures. 
  • What’s cooking?
    • Always check out the appliances. If the RV owner says something is broken, but it’s a simple fix, don’t take their word for it. Repairs can be very expensive, and sometimes it’s not the most budget-friendly. Check these items first:
      • The gas stove is one of the most expensive appliances in an RV. Check to see that it’s working properly.
      • See if the air conditioning unit is working. 
      • Is the fridge cool? Does the freezer work?
      • Does everything on the control panel function?
      • Do the electronics work correctly?
      • If anything is motorized, does the motor still work?
  • Pipe up!
    • RV’s need to be winterized in colder states, if they aren’t it could mean serious damage to the pipes. Look out for the following issues:
      • Split water lines. 
      • Damaged water pumps.
      • Leaking waste tanks. 
  • Will the warranty come with?
    • The RV seller may say they purchased an extended warranty, but many times, that warranty doesn’t extend to a second buyer. Make sure to verify with the provider that the warranty is transferable. Many times they’ll transfer the RV warranty for a fee. Never assume that your motorhome is under warranty just because it’s less than a year old. 
  • A match made in heaven. 
    • Before you start hooking up your new rig, make sure your vehicle is able to tow that size RV. On the flip side, if you’ll be towing your vehicle behind your RV, make sure the rig can handle the weight. 
This list can help you get an RV that you’ll come home for years to come. Use your instinct, double check everything, and have a great time camping across America. RV buyers, what did you look for when purchasing your used RV? 

Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo and Other Tampa attractions partner in ticket program

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Imagine for a second that you could take a ride through the African jungle, fall down a 200 foot drop, pet a stingray, meet Winter the Dolphin, see zebras, hippos, giraffes, penguins and put your science skills to the test!

This isn’t a dream, this could be your next trip to Tampa Bay. Starting on May 20 for just $119, the Tampa Bay CityPASS will give you access to  Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida Aquarium, Lowry Park Zoo, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and Chihuly Collection or the Museum of Science and Industry.

The booklet of tickets will be good for nine consecutive days from when it’s first used, so great ready to have some fun! The CityPASS program, available in 10 other U.S. and Canadian destinations, will ofer a $99 Tampa Bay CityPASS for children ages 3-9. 

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At Fiesta Grove, the community really lives up to its name! Every day is a party for the active, fun residents at this Newby Fun Resort. Whether it’s hanging out by the pool, or having bingo night, they are always on the go.

Their residents are all smiles as they fill their days with all there is to do at this great RV resort. See some of their pictures, and find them on Facebook to enjoy the fun times at Fiesta Grove right along with the residents!

They only have a few more RV spots open this season, so make your reservations today!

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