5 Creepy Cool Ways RV Campers Can Celebrate Halloween

Just because you’re RV camping doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year! We have some fun tips to help you turn your campsite into the scariest place to park a big rig. Let’s get started! 
1. The Creepy Cooler
You probably won’t want to store any drinks in here, but this creepy cooler is sure to get someone’s heart racing! Just put a fake skeleton in the cooler and let it’s legs hang out. Frightful, fun and easy! Plus, you can be sure no one will steal your food anytime soon. 
2. The Decorated Dash
Keeping a lot of holiday decorations in your RV isn’t always the best choice, so this tip keeps it simple. Use a few Halloween-themed items to really spice up your dashboard. You can change it out for different holidays and seasons with smaller items that are easy to store. 
3. The Perfect Pumpkin

Head to a local fall festival and pick up a nice pumpkin. Carve an RV or a cute road saying into it and place it outside your RV. We love this one because they are disposable and you can cook up the seeds for a delicious snack. 
4. The Great Gourd 
Fill an outdoor lantern with some seasonal items like small pumpkins, pinecones and squash for a simple and elegant Halloween decoration. This one will even work for Thanksgiving too with a few slight changes. The best part is that you can use what you already have and fill it with items that you won’t need to save. 

5. The Sitting Skeleton 
PVC, permanent markers and some bleach bottles are all you need to create these fun characters. Place them in a lawn chair to creep out your camping neighbors. It will be a fun project and it’s easy to store too! You can always make new heads next year.
How do you celebrate Halloween in your RV?