5 Essential Hacks for Your Next RV Adventure

What’s better than RV adventures? Well, nothing. But here’s the deal. Planning is never fun (unless of course you’re a Type A personality), but it’s essential to having a blast on your next RV trip. Whether you’re a seasoned camper, or brand new to the lifestyle, here are 5 hacks you can’t miss.

1. Google Maps is Everything

Wherever you are, Google Maps has been there! Plan out your trip, especially if you are making several stops or if you plan to see any attractions on the way. Also, it’s a good idea to look into gas prices on the road, if you’ll be going through multiple states you might want to check into prices and find the best gas stations so you can put those on your route. Okay, so why is this important? Save money, get there faster, arrive in one piece. Important!

2. Things to Do & See

While you’re planning your route, think of some places you’d like to stop and see. Even if you’re going on a short road trip there might be a neat attraction you can visit. Sometimes small towns even have fun things to do. If you find a lot of attractions you’d like to see, consider being spontaneous. It can also be fun just to stop off at something you see on a billboard. The benefit of researching is that you know exactly what you’re getting into. But sometimes that’s half the fun!

3. Are We There Yet?

Plan road games and activities! Take to Pinterest if you have small children riding along. There are plenty of great ideas to help keep them entertained. If you’re traveling alone or with adults, consider bringing a laptop with some DVDs, a kindle to read, or other fun road-friendly hobbies. Also, don’t forget the snacks. This is imperative if you have children, but even if you don’t, a good bag of snacks can make or break a road trip.

4. Pack it Up

Don’t be a procrastinator, pack early and often. Many supplies, such as food and travel size toiletries can be packed or put in an RV without disrupting your current daily needs. Make a checklist and get to checking! It should include specific items such as clothing, food, drinks, eating utensils, towels. Yeah, you get the picture. Again, Pinterest has some great guides to help you get started. Also, don’t lose your checklist!

5. It Might Be Last- But Safety First

As with any recreational activity, it is important to remember that there are some risks associated with traveling by RV, especially in areas that you are unfamiliar with.  For that reason, a number of steps should be taken to protect your safety.  Be sure to leave an itinerary with someone that you know and trust, always be aware of your surroundings, always keep a cell phone nearby, and be sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit.

Why You Should Know This if You Hate Camping

Hate sleeping on the ground with bugs, but love camping? Well, we have a solution for you! RV camping. It’s the ultimate camping adventure, complete with all the aspects you love about camping, but without all the aspects you don’t love. See: mosquitoes biting you at night.

Okay, so RV’s come in lots of shapes and sizes, from a camper that fits in the back of a pick-up truck to a camper that has all the bells and whistles. If you think you can’t afford an RV, think again. You don’t have to purchase a new top-of-the-line RV to find one you love. Think tiny. Think vintage. Think Pinterest restorations! The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Talk Styles:

Class B: It’s basically a cargo van converted into a camper, but they can have a raise roof for a bed
with more head more. These are basic and have just what you need. It’s perfect for someone who really just wants to sleep and prepare meals in their camper. It’s not a place you’d do a ton of hanging out.

Class C: This is the motorhome you’re probably familiar with. Usually there’s a sleeper extension over the cab, and it has all the amenities of home, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room. Even though they come in different sizes, you could totally live in a Class C no problem. If you’re into the whole tiny living thing.

Class A: This is the mac daddy of RV camping! This is for people who want to camp, but also have a few extra bucks hanging around. It’s basically a mini one bedroom apartment. They are fully self contained, from the queen sized bed (yup, a queen), to the dinette that seats four people. You have all the amenities you’d need in a kitchen, and likely a nearly full-sized fridge. These often have large living rooms, big TV’s and lots of room to chill. It’s basically a part on wheels. You could 100% live in this and camp in style. Baby, you’re going glamping!

Travel Trailers: There’s a travel trailer, that you can pull behind a large sedan or SUV. Or a 5th wheel trailer that hooks up to the back of a pick-up truck. Although these are usually smaller, they have all the amenities of a Class C motorhome, plus they cost a lot less.

Vintage: If you want to go vintage there are lots of great options all over the spectrum. Obviously you need to do your research and make sure you’re getting an RV with good bones and a good engine, unless you know how to repair that kind of thing. You could always look into getting an airstream, otherwise known as a land yacht. Yeah, they are pretty sweet.

Whatever you decide, RV camping is a great adventure that’s open to everyone, from the serious camper, to the serious “I am not sleeping with bugs” person! Do your research, maybe attend an RV show or two, join some online groups and take the plunge into the RV camping family! We can’t wait to have you.

What You Didn’t Know About Booking an Extended RV Stay

Whether you’re on a great adventure, headed south for the winter or aren’t really sure what you’re doing, booking an extended RV stay can be tricky. We’re going to help you have the best extended stay possible with some tips and tricks you might not know. 

Okay, maybe you knew this one, but it’s really important. You should book your extended RV stay at least 6 months in advance to ensure you get the spot you’d like. This is especially true when booking extended stays. In fact, if you’re headed to Florida for the winter, you really want to be on your A game. This is because many other winter guests are looking at the same prime RV resorts you are and they are booking early!


For most Florida RV resorts there are summer rates and winter rates, these usually run from November to April for the winter rates and May to October for the summer rates. Because of the large increase in guests during the winter, these rates are usually higher, although there is often a discount for extended stays. Either way, make sure you know which fee you’ll be responsible for. Also, check out other fees like dump fees, cancellation fees, extra person, extra large vehicle, storage and late fees. You don’t want to be surprised later with costs and fees.

Most RV resorts are included in membership clubs that offer you savings on your RV stays. If you’re a member of camping clubs, see if they are affiliated and offer a discount. Also check to see if they have other discounts for military, teachers or extended stays. Some discount programs include Good Sams, Passport America, Go Camping America, Florida Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Florida ARVC, AAA and FLORC. 

So you’ve found the perfect RV resort and you’re ready to book? Make sure to learn the rules first. You don’t want to find out after you’ve booked your stay that you can only have 1 pet when you have 2. You might also have to observe quiet hours and various other community rules that could affect your stay. Even though you don’t need to memorize them, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them to be sure you’ll be able to comply or feel comfortable with them so you’ll have the best stay possible.

When you book an extended stay at an RV resort, join the community! In our Newby Fun Resorts winter guests are part of our family. We anticipate them coming back and we look forward to their arrival. They have good relationships with the people who live in our communities full-time and they join the events and community when they come. It makes your extended stay so much better when you know you’re coming home! 

5 Reasons to Go RV Camping at Newby Fun Resorts

1. Location, Location, Location
Our Newby Fun Resorts are positioned across Florida to give you the best access to whatever your heart desires. Whether you’re here to seek big thrills on rollercoasters or relax on the beach, you’ll love our RV resorts! Plus, each of our RV resorts is located near fun local attractions as well that are sure to keep you busy. 
2. Dive In
It’s no secret that Florida gets hot. That’s why each of our Newby Fun Resorts features a swimming pool that’s kept clean and fun all year round! Many of our communities feature heated pools that allow for swimming even in our cooler months (okay days). Take a look at our resorts page to learn more about amenities available at each RV resort. 
3. Free Surfing (Internet Style)
Come for the free Wi-Fi, stay for the amazing RV resorts! Going RV camping can be an expensive adventure, so it’s great when you can save some money, especially on something that you’re definitely going to use: the internet. This way you can get on Facebook and brag to your friends and family about the beautiful Florida beaches. Our RV resorts are proud to offer free Wi-Fi to our guests, it’s just another way we work to serve you.
4. The Vibes

Guests who stay at our RV resorts always comment on how much they love the community and people there! Our resorts work to create not just a place to stay, but a place you’ll want to come back to be with friends again and again. Read what a guest said about one of our our resorts, Buttonwood Inlet RV Resort on TripAdvisor
“We selected this campground for three reasons. The location is great; the price is right (especially with Passport America discount) and it’s one of only two campgrounds in this area with boat docks. We paid $10 a day extra for a boat dock and we brought our boat. It was a GREAT experience, management was extremely helpful and the camp hosts went out of there way to be super friendly and helpful. I have camped in dozens of campgrounds around the US and I would say this one is top notch.”

5. Fun With Friends 
This photo was taken at Clearwater Travel Resort during their annual spring Strawberry Social. These are hosted at many of our communities, along with Summer BBQs and lots more events! Our managers work hard to keep the calendars full of fun events so you can hang out with your fellow campers. We all want to meet like-minded and happy RV campers during our travels. and Newby Fun Resorts are the perfect place to do it! See you soon. 

Vintage RVs- The New Way to Travel

You can buy a brand new RV for quite a chunk of change. The good news is that you know everything there is to know about your RV. Everything is new after all. The bad news it that new RVs often lack the unique charm and character of vintage RVs. That’s why we’re dubbing vintage RVs the new way to travel.

Most vintage RVs will cost you less than $15,000 to buy, many of which come with their all original interiors. Whether you go with modest updates or a full rehab, you’re getting something truly unique. Plus you get to customize your RV exactly the way you want it.

If you’ve never thought of remodeling a vintage RV, then take to the land of Pinterest! You’ll see tons of ideas, rehabs and inspiration. Take this amazing 1966 camper remodel. You’d never believe the before and after pictures.

The couple took everything out and put it back in throughout a labor of love that spanned the course of two summers. They added some new and kept some old for the perfect mixture of vintage flair with modern comforts.

BEFORE REMODEL- 1966 Vintage Camper

This camper went from a face only a mother could love to something truly beautiful! The couple purchased this old and unlovely camper for just $400 and after it was all remodeled, they only spent $2,200. Read the full story on Design Sponge.

Now, they have a camper they love and own without breaking the bank. Plus, they can join the exclusive and elite community of vintage RV lovers and owners.

Nearly 20,000 strong on Facebook, the group called Tin Can Tourists is about all things vintage RVs. They even have meetings and rallies for people to join. How cool is that?

In the end, buying a vintage camper is a very personal decision. But we think if you have a little DIY

in you and some spare time, it could be a great option! Still not sure? Well we have the after photo of the little camper you see above that just might turn you.

You can see photos of the adorable interior by visiting the website above. Would you consider remodeling a vintage RV? Why or why not?

5 Perfect RV Camping Events

Love RV travel?  When you’re planning your next trip, here are some great places to take your rolling home.

Visiting Family & Friends

When you visit loved ones, everyone has a great time, but quarters can get a bit cramped. What could be better than bringing your own home? You can spend time with your family during the day, and go relax at home in the evening. It will give everyone a little time to unwind so your trips are twice as enjoyable. 


Races aren’t just a single day event. Many ticket holders gain access to practice sessions and qualifying races held on different days. Not only that, but many NASCAR RV campsites offer jumbo screens, a tailgating atmosphere, family friendly activities, BBQ’s, special events and much more. It’s a great way to get that at-the-track experience. 

Football Games

 If you’re from the south, you’ll know that securing a spot in RV city for the Florida Georgia game is like finding gold. People come from all over the south to tailgate for the event. RV camping is extremely popular for both college and NFL match-ups. It’s great to have all the comforts of home while on the road. Plus you can set up your fan gear, start tailgating and cheer on your team without fighting the crazy traffic. 

Antique Shows

 One of the many benefits of RV travel is that you aren’t limited in distance. Your home goes with you! If you’ve always wanted to see an antique show in Texas, it’s there waiting. If there’s an awesome flea marketing in Colorado, you’re just a drive away. Having an RV is a great way to  attend antique shows, flea markets and other large sales across the country. Just make sure to save room for your purchases.


 Last but not least, we offer the most common RV trip: camping. You can experience everything the great outdoors offers without giving up an luxuries. RV parks also offer a number of great amenities, including WiFi, clubhouses, events, social clubs and more. 
    Whatever the reason you get your RV on the road, it’s one of the most versatile vacations available. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation today and make the most of your roving home.