5 Things You Need to Buy Before RV Camping with Your Dog

Taking your pooch camping? We compiled a list of the top five things you need to buy before you go! Some of it’s fun, some of it’s for safety and some of it’s just plain silly. Hunker down, because we’re getting started.

If your four-legged friend is going to be taking a dip, you’ll want to get them a life vest. This is especially important if you have a dog that doesn’t do well in the water. But it’s also important if you have a water-loving dog. Sometimes dogs will get over-zealous and might venture out too far, the life vest will help keep them afloat if they get tired. Plus it will help if they fall off your boat or the into the water accidentally. 
So your dog just went in the water and then ran through the mud. Before you stress about your backseat, buy this protector. As you can see, it will prevent mud and water from getting on your floor, in the cracks of your seat and on the seat. This looks far easier to wash than the entire backseat! The only problem is that if your dog shakes you still might be in the splash zone. 
Puppies like to be comfy when camping, too! There are lots of different styles for portable pet beds, so you’ll have to find what works best for your family. Remember to get something that won’t take up much space and that will be easy to clean if your dog sleeps on it when he’s dirty. 
These are a great option for RV campers! There are many different styles of these as well, so make sure to do some research before you buy. The best part of pop-up bowls is that you can store them away when not in use. It will help save space, but you can also take them with you if your bring your dog to the beach or on a hike!
We love the idea of bringing lots of flying dics to play with your pooch! You can buy a whole pack of flexible flying discs online so you don’t have to worry if one gets lost or destroyed! They are perfect whether your doggy likes to chew or fetch. Remember, one of the greatest reasons to bring your pet camping is so you can both have fun.