Summer RV Travel Tips!

Summer RV Travel Tips!

RVing in the Summer
Imagine escaping to Florida in your RV this summer!

Did you just recently purchase an RV?  Or, are you a seasoned RVer?  Either way, you may be interested in taking an RV trip this summer. As with any other season, there are a number of steps that you can and should implement to improve the overall enjoyment and safety of your upcoming RV trip.

Perhaps, the most important step that you should take, before leaving in your RV this summer is to have it inspected.  Is your motor home fit to travel during the summer?  Most are, but it is also to be sure it is safe for longer distance travel.  If your summer RV trip is a cross-country trip, ask your mechanic if your RV will be able to survive.

The next step that you should take involves mapping out your intended route.  Deciding ahead of time where you will be going and how you will get there is an important part of traveling by RV.  This is not only important for yourself, but for those that you know.  Should you end up stranded in your RV, an itinerary that was left with a close friend or relative can help you be found by rescue members.

Always carry a cell phone with you.  Cell phones are one of the best ways to stay safe on the road.  Make sure that you know where your cell phone is at all times, as it can be easy to misplace items in a motor home.  Also, be sure to bring your cell phone charger with you.  A dead cell phone will not offer any assistance in the event of an emergency.  A GPS is also advised for traveling by RV.

Having a toolbox on hand is also a great way to avoid complications on your next summer RV trip.  When packing a toolbox, you don’t need an oversized toolbox filled with tools.  Often times, the basics are enough.  These items should include screwdrivers, wrenches, a pocketknife, a box cutter, and a hammer.

A toolbox is just one of the many supplies that you will want to have for your next summer RV trip.  In fact, you may want to create a checklist for yourself.  A checklist is a great way to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.  On your checklist, include the basics, such as food, drinks, clothing, first aid kits, and so forth.  Your personal wants should also be included as well, such as a deck of playing cards, movies, and so forth.

For summer travel, be sure to have plenty of bottled water on hand.  Other drinks and convenient to prepare and eat snacks are advised.  During the summer, we are all encouraged to drink more water to stay hydrated.  This is important when on the road.  Water is also important during an emergency.  If you are stranded and the temperatures are high, water can help to save lives.

The above mentioned points are all important to take into considerations, when looking to travel by RV in the summer.  Another great tip involves making all reservations before you leave.  This is particularly important with public campgrounds and RV parks, as summer is a popular time for traveling by RV.  Research your options to determine if reservations are needed, so that you will not left without the proper RV accommodations this summer. Take a look at our different campgrounds and see if any of them are right for you!

Read This Before You Go Camping in Florida

The Sunshine State. You know us for our beaches, great theme parks and amazing food. Now let’s talk about what you don’t know. Here are some tips and you need to read before you come camping in the wild lands of Florida.

Let’s talk tip numero uno. Okay, so you know we’re the Sunshine State, we covered that. But did you also know Florida has a wet season and a dry season? It’s true! You might think summer is a great time to visit (and it totally can be), but it’s also the wet season. Most days are above 80 degrees, and with the heat index it can feel like a whooping 100 or more. It rains most afternoons, sometimes raining all day. Plus, the hot and wet weather is bad for you, good for mosquitoes (so again bad for you). Basically what we’re trying to say is, there’s a reason people LOVE winter in Florida. It hardly ever rains between December and May, but the weather is usually mild and sunny. Now that is paradise!

Florida has some pretty exciting wildlife, in fact, we are known for two out of the three animals listed above. True, you won’t see any tigers (unless you visit the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa), but there are plenty of other native animals you might encounter when camping. If you encounter a bear,

remember to use slow movements and never make eye contact. Most importantly, secure your food and never feed the animals. Sometimes animals can get very comfortable around people, especially if they are used to being served dinner. Don’t let them decide you’d make a good dinner.

Let’s say you do try to brave Florida’s summer. You’re still in for a treat because we have lots of neat stuff to do, BUT you will have to contend with the bugs. Remember to bring lots of bug spray and citronella candles. A good tip to remember is to use the spray on your clothing and not your skin. Also wrap up some dried sage to toss on your campfire. It helps act as a natural bug repellant that will help keep your skin bite free! Don’t forget the cortisone incase any bugs get past your barriers.

This probably goes for most states, but Florida has some strict laws about open fires, especially in the dry season. You’ll get good weather, but double check with your campground before lighting those s’mores! Many campgrounds require special permits or containers for fires. This is because the dry season sees a lot of brush fire, so it’s one way to keep our forests, animals and campers safe. You can totally tell ghost stories around the fire, just make sure to do it legally.

Florida is hot. You know this, but unless you’re from Florida you might not understand how hot it truly gets. Even in the winter the temperature can climb into the high 80’s. Whether you are tent camping or RV camping, make sure you have enough water. You definitely don’t want to find yourself dehydrated in the woods. Don’t underestimate how much water you’ll need, especially when it’s hot out. Stay hydrated and cool throughout the day. Remember, Florida is fun, but we do have some ground rules. Now go enjoy the great outdoors!

How Reviewing RV Resorts Makes Your Camping Trips Better

Did you just stay at an awesome RV resort? Are you excited to go back? Was the service exceptional?

You’ll tell your friends, talk about it on the way home, and quickly forget until your next vacation. Before long, someone else is looking up your favorite RV resort, wondering if they should stay there. You know what they check first? The reviews. 

Isn’t that what you check before staying at an RV resort? You want to know if other people thought it was great or not worth it, right?

Think about it. Before you buy or do anything these days, you’re likely to check out the reviews. You get honest opinions from people who tried it before you. You get to see what they liked and didn’t like. Chances are, you’ll decide what to do partly based on the reviews you read.

Why should you leave a review? Well, it helps fellow RV campers find the best places to go! You can even mention specifics like they had free WiFi, the bathrooms were clean or that they were big rig friendly. These could be really important factors that would make or break another RV campers trip!

When RV campers start to leave reviews it will create a community of informed campers who know where the good spots are! It will start to end lots of disappointment and bad times, too. Next time you are thinking of staying somewhere, hopefully the reviews will give you some good guidance.

At Newby Fun Resorts, we love to hear what a great time people had when they stayed with us, but we also like to hear what didn’t work. It gives us a chance to make improvements so that everyone’s stay is a little better. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to make things right with a guest who had a bad time, or to share in the memories of someone who had a great time.

On your next RV journey take a second to give back to the RV community and the resort you stayed at and leave a review. After all, 79% of people trust what online reviews say!

5 RV Camping Hacks You Can’t Miss

It’s officially camping season in Florida. We know you’re ready to get on the open road, but before you do we have 5 RV camping hacks you won’t want to miss. It’ll make your experience more enjoyable and your RV neighbors will think you’re the smartest campers on the block. You don’t even have to give us credit!

1. A Badge of Honor 
You can get these simple badge holder clips at any office supply store. They are great for holding name tags, badges and backstage passes to your shirt. They are also great for hanging outdoor lights around your RV awning. Don’t bother spending tons of money on clips when these will do the job. No one will know the difference and you’ll save loads of money on your new decor so you can upgrade to the fancier hanging lights. 
2. Don’t Be a Square
Actually, sometimes it’s okay to be a square! If you’re running out of room for food storage in your RV, consider switching things in round containers to reusable square containers. They stack and store much easier, plus it’s a great excuse to use a label maker. Now we’re wondering what the plan for these chocolate chips is. Cookies, anyone?  
3. Command Beauty 
Decorating your RV doesn’t have to be expensive. Hang curtains in your RV with command hooks. You can even paint them to match the curtain rods, your wall or the curtains themselves. Now that’s decor done right. 
4. Scramble More- Scrub Less
This idea is basically genius. Grab an old coffee creamer bottle and wash it out (no one likes french vanilla eggs), and then crack eggs into it. As you crack the eggs, take a marker and mark how many eggs have gone in. This way you can make the perfect amount for everyone without ever dirtying up a bowl. Breakfast is served. 
5. Let’s Hang Out
We’re pretty sure you’ll be the most popular person at the RV park with these ideas. Speaking of hanging out, most people forget the space-saving awesomeness of hanging things. Use this mesh storage system in your shower, behind the door in your bathroom, in your bedroom or anywhere something can hang. It’s a great place to store odds and ends, plus it keeps them out of the way. It’s a win-win all around.
What amazing RV camping hacks do you have? Share them with us! 

5 Reasons to Go RV Camping in Florida this Fall

Fall is one of our favorite Florida seasons. The weather is perfect, pumpkin pie is everywhere and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So what makes RV camping during the fall in Florida so great? Well here are 5 reasons to get you going. 
1. Florida Loves Fall Festivals
In Florida, the weather is always nice. So when fall rolls around we are extra spirited. Fall festivals pop up all over the state. No matter where your Florida RV camping travels take you, you’re sure to find a great little festival near you. These often include pumpkin patches, hay rides, great food, apple cider and more! It’s fun for the whole family. 
2. Perfect Weather 
Imagine waking up on a crisp fall morning and having your coffee or tea outside while the sunrises. Then later you head to the beach to soak up the sun’s warm rays. In the evening you have dinner outside and enjoy the cool breeze. If you go RV camping in Florida, this is a reality. Our cool mornings give way to warm afternoons which turn into breezy evenings. It’s the perfect weather no matter what you want to do. 

3. Flip Flops Aren’t Just for Summer
When you come to enjoy fall RV camping in Florida you won’t need to pack and thermal underwear. In fact, us Floridians enjoy the beautiful freedom of flip flops all year long. In the fall, we often have a sweater or two, but that’s all! Without all those extra clothes you’ll have more room for the things you want to bring. 
4. Outdoor Malls
It’s hard to believe if you’re from the north, but we have lots of open malls in Florida. And we love fall so much that even our malls get in on the action. One popular outdoor mall in Wesley Chapel even has a 10 day fall festival. So grab your pumpkin spice latte, some flip flops and head out for a perfect day of fall shopping in Florida. Great weather and a little shopping will make anyone’s day. 
5. Open Windows 
In Florida, we love turning off our AC in the fall. When you come RV camping in Florida, you’ll be able to toss open those windows. Since it doesn’t get too cold you can even leave them open all night if you like to let in that amazing fresh air. It’s the perfect season to be here and we can’t wait for you to visit!