buying and rv
Ready to buy a used RV? Or maybe you’re looking for a new one.  Before you start looking, sit down and get to know yourself a little.  Who are you? What are your goals? What do you love? 
Okay, now that you’ve rummaged through all that personal baggage, it’s time to pick out a camper! With some many choices, your head is probably already spinning. But, now that you have a clear idea of who you are, you can pick the perfect camper. 
Spontaneous, Flexible, Efficient 
The Pop-up Camper 
The name is pretty tell-tale. Pop-up campers are smaller, and are typically designed for warmer climates. Think Florida. The camper folds in so it can be towed behind a vehicle. You can unzip some windows for fresh air, just like in a tent. However, unlike a tent, some pop-up campers feature mini-kitchens, electric, water hookups and beds. 
Fun, Easy Going, Practical 
The Fifth Wheel 
No, not that awkward single person on a double date, the camper! Like the pop-up, these are also designed to be pulled behind a vehicle. They feature many of the same options as a pop-up, but may also have a bathroom, and larger appliances. These will have windows and doors more similar to an RV. This is a good option for the occasional camper who might be facing more fluctuating climates. 
Intense, Dedicated, Exciting 
The RV 
RV’s are for the serious camper. The road trip taker. The cross country explorer. The last-minute thrill-seeker. The retired full-time campers. Type C RV’s offer more features than some homes, with televisions, full kitchens, bathrooms, multiple beds and many other fantastic options. Today, RV’s are more like roving homes than campers. If you’re looking to be on the road a lot, an RV is the way to go. All the comforts of home with all the joys of the road. 
What camper fits your lifestyle?