Did you just stay at an awesome RV resort? Are you excited to go back? Was the service exceptional?

You’ll tell your friends, talk about it on the way home, and quickly forget until your next vacation. Before long, someone else is looking up your favorite RV resort, wondering if they should stay there. You know what they check first? The reviews. 

Isn’t that what you check before staying at an RV resort? You want to know if other people thought it was great or not worth it, right?

Think about it. Before you buy or do anything these days, you’re likely to check out the reviews. You get honest opinions from people who tried it before you. You get to see what they liked and didn’t like. Chances are, you’ll decide what to do partly based on the reviews you read.

Why should you leave a review? Well, it helps fellow RV campers find the best places to go! You can even mention specifics like they had free WiFi, the bathrooms were clean or that they were big rig friendly. These could be really important factors that would make or break another RV campers trip!

When RV campers start to leave reviews it will create a community of informed campers who know where the good spots are! It will start to end lots of disappointment and bad times, too. Next time you are thinking of staying somewhere, hopefully the reviews will give you some good guidance.

At Newby Fun Resorts, we love to hear what a great time people had when they stayed with us, but we also like to hear what didn’t work. It gives us a chance to make improvements so that everyone’s stay is a little better. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to make things right with a guest who had a bad time, or to share in the memories of someone who had a great time.

On your next RV journey take a second to give back to the RV community and the resort you stayed at and leave a review. After all, 79% of people trust what online reviews say!