How Reviewing RV Resorts Makes Your Camping Trips Better

Did you just stay at an awesome RV resort? Are you excited to go back? Was the service exceptional?

You’ll tell your friends, talk about it on the way home, and quickly forget until your next vacation. Before long, someone else is looking up your favorite RV resort, wondering if they should stay there. You know what they check first? The reviews. 

Isn’t that what you check before staying at an RV resort? You want to know if other people thought it was great or not worth it, right?

Think about it. Before you buy or do anything these days, you’re likely to check out the reviews. You get honest opinions from people who tried it before you. You get to see what they liked and didn’t like. Chances are, you’ll decide what to do partly based on the reviews you read.

Why should you leave a review? Well, it helps fellow RV campers find the best places to go! You can even mention specifics like they had free WiFi, the bathrooms were clean or that they were big rig friendly. These could be really important factors that would make or break another RV campers trip!

When RV campers start to leave reviews it will create a community of informed campers who know where the good spots are! It will start to end lots of disappointment and bad times, too. Next time you are thinking of staying somewhere, hopefully the reviews will give you some good guidance.

At Newby Fun Resorts, we love to hear what a great time people had when they stayed with us, but we also like to hear what didn’t work. It gives us a chance to make improvements so that everyone’s stay is a little better. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to make things right with a guest who had a bad time, or to share in the memories of someone who had a great time.

On your next RV journey take a second to give back to the RV community and the resort you stayed at and leave a review. After all, 79% of people trust what online reviews say!

How to Serve Residents at the Holidays with a Single Bag

service, serving christ, christian company,acts of service, property management, property management florida, florida property management company, mobile homes, manufactured homesRows of Cherrios lined the walls and boxes of food filled the conference room. For one day, the team members at Newby Management turned into a food packing assembly line. 
As holiday music plays, team members gather to serve residents. For some team members, like Kelly Horalek, a corporate office accountant, this is her favorite day of the year.
At the holidays especially, we notice the needs of people around us. At Newby Management, the team noticed that some residents were struggling to feed their families, something that becomes especially difficult around Christmas. 
That was when they started delivering holiday food bags to residents in their communities who needed an extra hand.
This year the corporate office team packed an astounding 1,500 pounds of nonperishable food. It’s the kind of food most people take for granted, like peanut butter and jelly or oatmeal. But for some families, those staple items will go a long way.service, serving christ, christian company,acts of service, property management, property management florida, florida property management company, mobile homes, manufactured homes
138 bags were given away in total. 
The bags are personally delivered by a corporate team member, so the residents aren’t just getting food, they are getting encouragement too. While some residents need food care packages, others just need a bit of holiday cheer.
For residents who had a difficult year, the team delivered fresh poinsettias to their homes. It’s just a simple reminder that they are being thought about during the holidays.
Serving residents in your mobile home community during the holidays can take on many different forms. Whether you do something big or something small, know that it can go a long way to boosting morale in your community. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to meet people where they are and love them.
Merry Christmas, from everyone at Newby Management.

These 5 Things Will Change the Way You See Tent Camping Forever

Sure, bugs can sneak into your RV, but in a tent you’re basically inviting them to stay with you. Have you ever had a spider trapped in your tent? It’s one of the top ten most terrifying things that will ever happen to you. If you move too swiftly, you risk the spider scurrying under something. If you don’t move swiftly enough you might learn that this particular spider can fly. Or worse. Save yourself the trouble and don’t go camping with bugs. 

Going camping can really connect you with nature. You stop for a moment and take in the beauty that surrounds you. You put down your electronics and start to have faith in humanity and the world around you. It’s all really beautiful until it’s 10:30 at night and you’re sweating through your sleeping bag, alternating between freakishly hot and cold. RVs park you in the middle of beautiful nature without forcing you to suffer through the elements our race has so diligently avoided. 
Campfire food is amazing, and you can definitely eat it even when you’re in an RV. What you can’t do when you’re tent camping is quickly and easily store cold food, wash dishes, heat something up or cook a quick meal. Ahh modern luxuries. Cookies, anyone? 
This one can really go without explanation, but we will anyways. You have a toilet and a shower that are all yours. You don’t have to wait in line or suffer through spurts of cold water. You don’t have to wear shower shoes or flush with your foot. It’s a beautiful thing!
At night, after you’ve enjoyed everything the great outdoors has to offer you get to come home. It’s a place you’ve made all your own. One filled with treasures you’ve collected and memories you’ve made. You can snuggle up in your comfy bed or on the couch. This is especially important for people who take long trips in the RV. Why not feel like you’re at home no matter where you are? 

You Won’t Believe How Popular RVs Are!

RV camping

What could be more futuristic than a home on wheels? Okay, maybe our homes don’t fly yet, but a driving home is a close second.

RV’s are becoming an increasingly popular way to vacation. In fact, studies show that 1 in 12 U.S. vehicle-owning households now owns an RV. That’s roughly 8.2 million households.

Traveling in an RV gives you a unique way to vacation, whether you’re camping, visiting tourist hot spots or visiting friends and family. Whatever your reason, an RV gives you all the amenities of home with the freedom of the open road.

So, what’s making these roving homes so popular? Here are just a few reasons RV’s are becoming more popular.

1. More Bang For Your Buck
PFK Consulting, an international consulting firm with expertise in travel and tourism, found that RV family vacations are 27 to 61 percent less expensive than other types of vacations on average. Don’t worry about rising fuel costs, either. The study showed that fuel prices would have to more than double for typical motorhome vacations to become more expensive than other vacations. Most campgrounds cost between $30-40 per night, compared to over $100 for a motel stay. Plus, most campers choose to cook their meals inside their motorhomes, rather than eating out.

2. Home Living on the Road
Modern day motorhomes are usually equipped with full kitchens, bathrooms, beds, televisions and more. You have the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, having a home cooked meal and snuggling up for a movie in the evening. Plus, many RV campgrounds have complimentary WiFi so you can stay connected while you’re on the road.

3. RV Campsites Offer Fun Amenities
When you stay at a hotel, they usually offer a swimming pool and a continental breakfast. When you stay at an RV resort, you’re usually met with everything from an active clubhouse and swimming pools, to shuffleboard courts and tennis courts. There’s a great sense of community, and you’ll find that many RV resorts are inviting, so you’ll come as strangers and leave as family. You may be invited to a pot luck, ice cream social or pancake breakfast while you’re in town. You roll in and suddenly, you’re home.

4. The Attractions is in Your Backyard
There are plenty of beautiful tourist destinations across America. Whether you’re looking to visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or the Adirondack Mountains, you can find RV campsites within these parks so you’ll be right near the action. It’s a great way to become acquainted with your destination, plus you can wake up and start the day early, no extra travel required! Just make sure you have a nice pair of hiking boots.

5. Bringing Families Closer Together
Vacations are known for bringing families closer together (at least most of the time). How can you get any closer than inside an RV? You’re saving money, traveling the country and learning all about the quirks of your family. Now, there’s no study showing RV’s bring people together, so you might just have to try it for yourself.

These are just a few reasons RV camping is becoming so popular. What are your reasons?

10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Your RV

Whether you’re parked at an RV site or headed down the highway, consider decorating your RV. If you’re parked you can add lights to the outside, put up a small Christmas tree, stockings, signs and more! If you’re driving consider adding some decorations to the dash and putting a wreathe on the grill of your RV. It will all help add to the festivity of the season!

Set up a white elephant gift exchange in your RV park. Everyone can bring a dish to share as they enjoy friends and fun! If you’ve never had a white elephant party before, you’re in for a real treat and lots of laughs. Have everyone bring a wrapped gift worth no more than $15 (or whatever limit you choose). Have all your guests pick numbers out of a hat, they will open gifts in that order. After the first person goes, subsequent people can choose to steal another person’s gift or unwrap a new one. The person who had their gift stolen gets to open another. Get ready for lots of fun!!!
If you can’t be with family for the holidays, why not spend them volunteering? Check with local shelters, soup kitchens and nonprofits to see how you can get involved. Giving to others will help get you in the holiday spirit and you never know what you’ll get back when you decide to give.

Cooking in your RV can be stressful, especially when you’re making big meals. For the holidays, think outside the box to create some of your favorite traditional meals. You can also consider hosting a potluck with your RV neighbors so each of you only has to make one dish!

If you’re RV camping in Florida, do something crazy and spend the holiday at the beach. There will be less people and the weather will be perfect. With the average temperature in December right around 60 degrees, you can’t go wrong. Plus all your northern friends will get jealous when you’re relaxing at the beach and they are shoveling snow.

If you’re tight on space in your RV, consider giving each other experiences instead of presents. Research the area you’re staying in and find fun things to do together. Maybe splurge on an outing you normally wouldn’t go on or eat at a fancy restaurant. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to make memories and take lots of pictures!

Enjoy the city you’re in by attending some local Christmas events. Many cities have events calendars that will let you know what’s happening on what day. In Florida, we love Christmas events because it helps get us in the spirit when the weather isn’t so cold.

Most RV parks host events for the guests. Find out when the events are and get out to them. You’ll never regret spending time with neighbors, and you’ll have lots of fun doing it! If there aren’t any events, plan some yourself with friends!

Far from family? Don’t forget to make technology work for you. Skype with friends and family, share photos through social media, call and text! Even just a few minutes will shorten the miles. If you’re a grandparent, ask your children to set up a phone in the living room and turn on Skype so you can watch your grandchildren open presents. Or schedule a time where all of your family can connect on Google Hangouts. Technology is as creative as you are.

Christmas today is so easily characterized by shopping, stress and the insatiable need for more. Whether you’re seasoned at celebrating the holidays in your RV or this is your very first, relish in the simplicity of it all. You get to enjoy the season, the music, the food, the fun, the songs and the spirit, all without the stress. You get to sit back and remind yourself to be grateful for everything you do have, instead of remembering all the things you don’t.