Thursday, July 21, 2016

5 Tips for Booking a Stay at an RV Resort

Often times, RV resorts let you make reservation requests online, but that doesn't necessarily mean your spot is booked. For short stays, but especially for long stays, it's good to call or email the RV resort to ensure that the spot you'd like is available. You should also call to double-check your reservation about a week before your arrival date.

Don't assume the WiFi is free. You should always check to make sure you don't need to pay monthly or daily for the WiFi. At most Newby Fun Resorts the WiFi is free, but many places still charge, sometimes upwards of $90 a month to connect to the internet.

Most RV resorts have weight limit restrictions on dogs, along with breed restrictions. If you are bringing along a furry friend, check on the RV resorts website to see what the details are on bringing a pet so you have an easy time.

See if the RV resort has any discounts for retired or active military, or if they accept any discount programs like Passport America or AAA. Sometimes they will allow you to stack these discounts too for extra savings. Remember that most RV resorts are cheaper in the summer months than in the winter, especially in Florida.

Connect with the RV resort on Facebook to see what's going on with events and nearby attractions. Most RV resorts post fun events that are happening in their community, or events that are happening nearby. Plus you can get a feel for what the resort is like and the guests that stay there. You can also read some reviews and learn more about the resort.

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