When you’re driving down the highway there’s always that one guy. Sometimes that guy is in an RV. Here are the 5 types of RV drivers we’ve seen on the road.

1. “Of course I can drive an RV…I think.”

This person has only the best intentions. They have their brand new rig out on the open highway and the world is their oyster. There’s just one problem: they don’t know how to drive an RV. They are happily confident in their skills and at least humble enough to admit they aren’t quite sure what they’re doing. Still, this doesn’t keep them off the road. Best advice is to stay a few lanes away.

2. “It’s all about the journey.”

Okay, we agree. It is all about the journey. Unless of course your journey is coming home from work and you’re stuck behind the RV going 45. Good luck getting around them as they creep down the interstate, taking in every tree, cow and sign that passes them by. Until then, take in the scenery,
because it’s going be a minute.

3. “We Gotta Get There ASAP.”

When someone likes to get places fast, you can expect an RV won’t slow them down. The max speed might be 65, but you can bet they’ll be burning gas in the fast lane. There’s nothing more terrifying than feeling a huge RV zoom past you. Steer clear, because this person is looking for that checkered flag.

4. “Wait, what’s a blind spot.” 

Driving an RV is a different game entirely. You have to be extra cautious when changing lanes, especially because your blind spot is gigantic. Some people haven’t quite figured that out yet. They are changing lanes with inches to spare. Horns are constantly honking in their wake. If you spot them, try to stay as far away as you can. Whatever you do, don’t ride in their blind spot.

5. “Hey there are other people here!”

Sometimes you run across the RV driver who knows what they are doing. They are respectful of drivers stuck behind them, they stay in the appropriate lanes, they signal before moving, they check, double check and triple check their blind spots. In all, they are just good drivers. When you see these people, make sure to toss them a thumbs up!