You can buy a brand new RV for quite a chunk of change. The good news is that you know everything there is to know about your RV. Everything is new after all. The bad news it that new RVs often lack the unique charm and character of vintage RVs. That’s why we’re dubbing vintage RVs the new way to travel.

Most vintage RVs will cost you less than $15,000 to buy, many of which come with their all original interiors. Whether you go with modest updates or a full rehab, you’re getting something truly unique. Plus you get to customize your RV exactly the way you want it.

If you’ve never thought of remodeling a vintage RV, then take to the land of Pinterest! You’ll see tons of ideas, rehabs and inspiration. Take this amazing 1966 camper remodel. You’d never believe the before and after pictures.

The couple took everything out and put it back in throughout a labor of love that spanned the course of two summers. They added some new and kept some old for the perfect mixture of vintage flair with modern comforts.

BEFORE REMODEL- 1966 Vintage Camper

This camper went from a face only a mother could love to something truly beautiful! The couple purchased this old and unlovely camper for just $400 and after it was all remodeled, they only spent $2,200. Read the full story on Design Sponge.

Now, they have a camper they love and own without breaking the bank. Plus, they can join the exclusive and elite community of vintage RV lovers and owners.

Nearly 20,000 strong on Facebook, the group called Tin Can Tourists is about all things vintage RVs. They even have meetings and rallies for people to join. How cool is that?

In the end, buying a vintage camper is a very personal decision. But we think if you have a little DIY

in you and some spare time, it could be a great option! Still not sure? Well we have the after photo of the little camper you see above that just might turn you.

You can see photos of the adorable interior by visiting the website above. Would you consider remodeling a vintage RV? Why or why not?