Listen, there’s a reason we are called the Sunshine State. It’s sunny here and that means it gets pretty hot. We know most RVs have amazing inventions called air conditioning, but if you plan to leave your RV at all, we have some ideas for surviving the summer heat. These aren’t your grandma’s tips though, so stay tuned.

We all know to drink water when it’s hot. This is not news, so let’s skip to the good stuff. Take a muffin tray and add slices of lemon and some water. Stick that in the freezer and bam, you have homemade lemon ice cubes for your water. It will keep it cold and delicious, plus it looks pretty. You can also add limes, fruit or mint. Drink up, friends! 
Fine, we’ll admit it. We are OBSESSED with this idea. Just take a cheese cloth, cut it and add some plastic ice cubes. You could keep these in a cooler of ice for parties, hanging out on the porch or beach days. They are great for grandkids or yourself. They sell all sorts of funky ice cubes now, so you can get as creative as you want. Now that’s a cool fashion statement. 
These hammocks are great for RV campers because they fold up and usually come with the equipment to attach to trees. You could also rig up your own folding system. However you set it up this will help keep you cool with breathable material, especially in the shade with one of your ice lemon waters. 
Wait! Before you think we’re crazy, hear us out on this one. Have you ever been exceedingly hot in your bed and then you stuck out one foot and felt better? A lot of your body’s temperature regulation comes from your feet. If you’re hanging outside and starting to feel the heat, grab a bucket of ice and let your feet sit in it for a minute or two. You’ll cool down and it’s one heck of a way to keep drinks cold. 
5. Hats Off To You
We’re trying to keep it simple here, so this trick is pretty easy. A large brimmed hat is not only stylish, but also a great way to stay cool. It keeps the sun from your face while protecting your head from the harsh heat. Whether you’re spending time outside, going for a walk or enjoying the beach, this is a must-have summer accessory.