10 Creative DIY RV Camping Tricks You Can’t Miss

Going  RV camping? Here are 10 of the most creative DIY hacks. In the age of throwing things away, this gives you great ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle. We apologize in advance for the bad puns….


Okay, camping in Florida is amazing, but it rains a lot. Sure, the rain only lasts for twenty minutes, but it can sometimes leave sneaky little puddles on the ground. Try this trick for waterproofing your shoes so you can stomp through the puddles with the glee of a child.

RV camping tips
Need a grill at a moments notice? Grab that empty can of beans, some tin foil, charcoal and a grate and you’ve got a homemade grill in minutes. Those hot dogs look delicious, don’t they?
RV camping tips

Buggy night? Add some sage to your campfire to keep away the bugs. Oh, and it will smell good too! Talk about a double-win.

RV camping tips

If you’re like us, going a day without coffee is simply NOT an option. This simple and easy DIY solution will keep you caffeinated no matter where your travels take you.

RV camping tips

Who showers when they are camping? Just kidding, you don’t want to be “that guy”. Instead of messing up your entire bar of soap every time you shower, try cutting it up into single servings. Note: this is not food. 
RV camping tips
Have you ever parked your car, went grocery shopping and then forgot where you parked? That sucks, but not as bad as walking around lost in a forest. Parking lots are usually more hospitable. Usually. This orange tape is not only bright and easy to see, but also biodegradable, so you won’t have to collect in on your way back. 
RV camping tips
No, we’re not done with the bad puns yet. Are you sick of eating granola bars and bits of sand for breakfast? This is a great idea so you can have pancakes while you camp. Simply add the appropriate mix to a mason jar, add an egg and some water and shake it up. It’s easy and there’s not much clean up after. Yum!
RV camping tips
Hey, need to start a campfire? Here’s a great idea that will help get your fire going, 
RV camping tips
Got dirty hands? Clean them up with this innovative (and cheap) DIY hand washing station. 
RV camping tips
Sorry Folgers, you guys make pretty good coffee, but those canisters are just so darn useful. With just a few adjustments, you can store your toilet paper inside your old coffee can. 
RV camping tips

What DIY camping tricks do you use?

10 RV Space Saving Ideas

It’s no secret, RV’s can get a little cramped. Organizing and planning is the best way to utilize all the space in your roving home, without sacrificing style or efficiency. Get your RV ready for a new year of traveling with these great RV storage ideas. 

If you’ve never used Pinterest, it’s a great tool for cleaning and organizing. Ideas are usually easy to implement and useful. Here are the top 5 RV Space Saving Ideas of Pinterest.

rv space saving ideas

 In-wall Food & Water Bowl For RVs

Have furry friends traveling with you? These bowls are the perfect space saver. When not in use, you just store the bowls back in the wall. 
Put that towel rack to good use. Use hanging buckets from Ikea to store toiletries  in your RV bathroom. Plus, if you have multiple travelers, each person can have their bucket labeled with their name. It also gives you a great excuse to buy a label maker. 
rv space saving ideas

Use an old all-in-one spice container to store the spices you use most often in the RV. This will clear up some clutter, and prevent you from having spices rolling around in your drawers. It’s a win for everyone. 
rv space saving ideas
You’ll probably need quite a few random items in an RV. Rather than starting the infamous and hated “junk drawer”, have some mints and then use those handy little containers for storage. Looks like you’ll really need that label maker now!
You never know when you may want to look nice when you’re taking an RV vacation. After all, the open road is all yours. Don’t let a little thing like space stop you from bringing along curling and straightening irons. Use file folders to store all your beauty supplies in one place. It’s not only genius, but it will only cost a few dollars.
A lot of our storage space isn’t too small, it’s just misused. This blog shows great before and after pictures of the “under the sink storage” in an RV. You can see how much more storage was added and how much cleaner it looks. It’s a great way to maximize space and make things easy to find.

What To Do Without an RV Dresser
Here’s the deal. Many RV campers don’t have dressers, and dressers take up a lot of room. This family has great solutions for making it work without a bulky dresser. One very important thing to remember when  organizing your RV is functionality. This tip is both functional and practical.

Nesting Bowls and Measuring Spoons  for RV Campers

Don’t limit yourself to one mixing and serving bowl. Nesting bowls are colorful, useful and fun. They help save space and still give you plenty of options in the kitchen. Plus, this particular set also comes with measuring spoons, so you can cook and bake to your hearts desire.

Add Slide Out Drawers to RV Tables 

You’re probably catching on by now that using typically unused space is key. Having slide out drawers under your table will give you extra room in your kitchen drawers, or it can help store craft supplies, odds and ends, etc. It’s not much, but every little bit helps.

RV Camping Organizing 101

We’re sharing this last post for one very important reason: to help you think VERTICAL! You’ll learn about organizing sweaters, but in Florida, sweaters aren’t really a thing. Anyways, the most important thing you can takeaway from this article is to store things vertically and along walls or cabinets. Get creative with different storage solutions. Even if something is for shoes or shirts, get creative!

What are your best RV space saving ideas? 

Wanderlust is a Symptom of RV Travelers

symptoms of wanderlust

You want to see everything. Places on a map aren’t geographical locations, but adventures waiting to happen. You want to fall asleep in one city, and wake up in another. You have wanderlust: a very strong impulse or desire to travel the world.

When your home is on wheels, this dream becomes a reality. Soon you’re making plans and drawing maps, or just starting the engine and driving until you’re “home”. One of the greatest benefits of an RV is submersion in local culture.

Staying in a hotel may offer modern comforts and amenities, but it doesn’t offer community. RV resorts offer many of the same amenities, and a community that is willing and excited to share their town and culture with you. RV resorts have a laid back atmosphere that fosters friendship, excitement and passion for the local area.

While you’ll be handed a brochure on the community at a hotel, you’ll meet a local at an RV resort who’ll share good deals and local hot spots with you. There are some RV communities that also have full-time residents, so they are often proud of their town and excited to welcome visitors.

Besides planned monthly activities, many RV resorts have a schedule of events that happen weekly, so you can join right in on the fun. Whether you stay for a few days or a few weeks, you can settle in a find your routine for a little while.

One day, when the open road starts calling again, you can take your new friends in your heart, and move on to your next home across the world. If you really love the place, you’ll find it again in your travels. Until then, enjoy your wanderlust, and may your next destination be home.

5 Tips for Winter RV Campers in Florida

It’s a little known fact, but we really do have winter in Florida. We wanted to make sure you have the scoop on surviving it, so here’s our 5 quick and dirty tips for winter RV campers in Florida.

1. Build a Sandman 

On those days where it’s 75 and sunny with a breeze, you might be wondering what to do with yourself. We suggest bundling up in shorts and a t-shirt, maybe a light jacket, and heading down to any of our beautiful award-winning beaches. You can build a sandman, soak up the rays and remember how you hate the snow. It will be a lovely day indeed.

2. Bring Back-up Shoes 

In Florida, the designated footwear is flip flops. We have beach flip flops, casual flip flops, wedding flip flops. Listen, we wear them to everything. One day a year something crazy happens. It gets too cold for flip flops. There are some die hard Floridians who will try to ride it out, but don’t be that person. Go ahead and bring along a pair of close-toed shoes. Everyone will know you’re not from around here, but at least your feet will be warm.

3. Take Lots of Pictures

Some people choose to stay in the cold and snow. Those people should definitely see pictures of how lovely Florida is this time of the year. The weather is perfect, the beaches are beautiful and the people are friendly. It’s basically paradise. It’s the perfect time to fill your Facebook up with pictures that will make your friends hop on a plane and head straight to the Sunshine State.

4. Swim With the Manatees

These amazing creatures are called gentle giants, and guess what? They love warm water. Where there are manatees, there is warm water! If you’re looking to get in a swim on a rather cold day, do it with the manatees. True to Florida, they aren’t fans of the cold, so they definitely try to avoid it. Plus, swimming with them makes for great memories.

5. Stay Inside

You’re an RV camper, so guess what? Your inside MOVES! Use that to your advantage and go on the best Florida road trip ever. Stay inside when it’s cold and when the sun comes out go exploring. It’s the best of both worlds!