You want to camp somewhere with WiFi, right? Well Newby Fun Resorts offer FREE WiFi, and we’re going to tell you why you basically need it.

1. Free RV Resort WiFi Means You Won’t Eat Bad Food
Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you’ll be able to check out reviews on local restaurants and even local attractions. It’s an important part of any outing and you may avoid some really bad spots. On the flip side, you just might find your new favorite place that you never thought you’d like! We recommend checking out reviews before you visit somewhere, and what better way to do it than with free RV resort WiFi?

2. Free RV Resort WiFi Means You Won’t Miss the Latest News
Don’t be that guy who hasn’t heard the latest news. Stay on top of the times, whether you use Twitter, an RSS feed or your favorite daily online paper. You’ll be able to chat with your neighbors on the most important happenings of the day with your awesome free RV resort WiFi.

3. Free RV Resort WiFi Means You’ll Save Some Money
When you’re staying at a great RV resort, there’s likely to be lots of fun activities near by. For example, at Clearwater Travel Resort the Clearwater Aquarium is just a short drive away where you can meet Winter the dolphin. Take that extra money you save not having to pay for WiFi and use it to take an mini adventure you won’t forget. Having free RV Resort WiFi gives you the opportunity to make some memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Free RV Resort WiFi Means You Can Join an Online Community
At our Newby Fun Resorts we love Facebook. Our guests, residents and future guests gather together there for lots of good times. You can check out events, chat with friends and stay connected even once you’re gone. You will be the first to know about what’s happening at the RV resort! We would love for you to join our online community and we make it easy with free RV resort WiFi.

5. Free RV Resort WiFi Means You Can Watch Cat Videos 
Maybe cat videos aren’t your thing, but the point is you can watch them. Or you can watch your favorite shows, or browse your favorite websites. You can do anything you want because you’ll have unlimited access to the internet! Free RV Resort WiFi gives you limitless opportunities when you’re not enjoying everything your resort has to offer!