RV camping is a great way to get away for the weekend or even a month. You find yourself exploring places you’ve never been and meeting new people. But the greatest thing about RV camping is all the things you learn. Here are 7 things we’ve learned on the road.

1. Every Day is an Adventure 

When you’re driving a house on wheels, there’s no doubt that life is an adventure. You can go anywhere and do anything. You can explore new places and learn new things. You can plan or be spontaneous, but whatever you choose to do you’re just one turn from your next adventure.

2. Less is More 

Some RVs are big, some RVs are small, but most are lacking storage. This teaches you an important lesson really fast. Less is more. You find a way to get by with less possessions and suddenly you are a little more free. It’s surprising how quickly having just what you need feels like more than enough.

3. Home Isn’t a Place 

Lots of people see home as a specific building in a specific city. RV campers often have homes all across America. They find places, people and things to love everywhere they go. Each new location is a new place to call home. They realize that home is about a feeling and not a structure.

4. Planning Ahead can Save $ 

It’s no secret that RVs use a lot of gas. There is where veteran RV campers learn to plan ahead. There are apps that tell you where the cheapest gas is along your route. That might mean gassing up before you’d normally need to so you can save a few bucks. You can estimate the number of miles you’re going and see where you’d likely need gas so can even know when to stop. Isn’t planning ahead fun?

5. A Living Room Can Be Outside

The first thing most RV campers do is set up their outside living space. This can mean lights, cooking gear, seats and more! It’s a great way to get creative with the outdoor area you’re given. It helps you meet neighbors, get in touch with nature and enjoy a little time outside the RV. Many people have signs with their names they place up too, which can be a great way to start a conversation with the people around you.