Free Things To Do While RV Camping in Hollywood Florida

If you’re RV camping on a budget, we have some sweet little tips for you. When you stay at Lake Trinity Estates RV Park you’re staying in the heart of Hollywood, Florida. It’s a sunny town with plenty to offer, but we know the secrets to saving money. 
Before you book your RV spot in the sun, check out our list of the 10 best free activities in Hollywood. 
1. The Boardwalk 
The Boardwalk offers you a beautiful view of the Florida waterfront. This is one of America’s best boardwalks with 2.5 miles of fun in the sun. Rent some wheels, and cruise along feeling the breeze in your hair. Or stop at one of the seaside cafes to take a load off. 
2. Anne Kolb Nature Center
Visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center to enjoy 1,501 acres of coastal mangrove wetlands. It’s home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including some threatened and endangered species. If you want to experience authentic Florida, this is the place to go. Pack a picnic and enjoy time with the family.
3. Downtown Hollywood Art Walk
If you’re here for an extended stay, you don’t want to miss Hollywood’s Downtown Art Walk. It happens every third Saturday from 7 PM-9 PM. Watch local artists painting, visit the art galleries and see local, regional and international artwork. Learn more:
4. Food Trucks at Arts Park
This was voted the BEST Monday night event by the readers of the Sun Herald. Every Monday night from 5:30 PM- 9:30 PM there’s a food truck event in Hollywood. Experience delicious local food, bring along a chair and a blanket to enjoy the park while your family feasts. Admission is free. Learn more:
5. Movies in Arts Park
Movies are expensive, but when you’re staying in Hollywood, they don’t have to be! Every Friday night, you can view a family-friendly movie in Arts Park. Pack up snacks, bring blankets and pillows and enjoy a free movie. Movies begin at 8 PM and you can see what’s playing at:

Used RV Decorating Ideas

You just bought that lovely RV. The open road is on your mind and you step inside, ready to take it all in. Suddenly, you are struck by the interior with its old paint, drab colors and peeling particle board. Yikes! Fret not friends, we have some DIY decorating ideas that will make you feel like a real Martha Stewart. 
1. Ugly Table? 
Refinish that bad boy with some glass, fabric and Mod Podge. If you haven’t heard of Mod Podge it’s the king of all craft glues. We may or may not use it for everything. This simple DIY table won’t cost much and can transform an ugly camper trailer into a beautiful dining experience. Check out the steps and get started.

                                      2. Creepy Counters? 

This DIY trick will make even the worst counters shine without the cost. A few coats of paint can turn any counter into faux granite. It looks the same for just a fraction of the cost and makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of older campers. Check out the DIY steps and before and after pics to see for yourself.
3. Kitschy Cushions 
If you have some crazy 1970’s fabric covering your cushions, this can be an easy fix. This blog teaches you an easy sewing technique to help you cover cushions quickly. Adding some bright colors to your seating can make a huge difference, especially when paired with a few throw pillows that really pop. Get on your inner sewer with these easy to follow steps!
4. Goodbye Wallpaper
Once upon a time we think wallpaper looked really nice. Unfortunately, that time is long gone and some RVs haven’t received the memo. Don’t busy yourself scraping wallpaper off for days, just simply paint over it. You’ll be shocked at what a fresh coat of paint can do for a camper. If you don’t want to feel like you’ve been transported to a more groovy time, make sure you open the windows and doors while you paint. See tips and tricks for painting wallpaper.
5. Go Junkin’
Here’s what we mean. Check out yard sales, flea markets, antique stores and thrift shops. Go to the eclectic and weird places on this earth to find unique and inspiring items to decorate your camper. You’d be surprised what you can find. Once you locate that perfect item you can use it to start a theme. Check out this blog about hitting up yard sales for good ideas.